www.necromancergames.com is dead, where i can find extra content for Vault of Larin Karr?

On the "starting adventure" say "visit the necromancer games website (www.necromancergames.com) for a downloadable table of rumors for the valley and for a downloadable player handout letter from Lord Kyle requesting the PCs travel to the valley to aid him in clearing out the keep."
Awesome! But the site it's dead...exist an alternative link? anyone got this material and can share it?
Please help me out!


The password that opens the file is listed on the title page of your book,

Alternately you can email me zach@froggodgames.com and I can get these to you.

Zach, Frog God Games


Zach Glazar

Frog God Games

Thanks Zach, and thanks Frog God Games

our pleasure :)


Someone needs to grab all the content from there and put it all in a google drive, properly named and such...