Wrath of Orcus

The original Tomb of Abysthor had a reference to an 'upcoming' Necromancer Games product called 'Wrath of Orcus' - set apparently in the wilderness southeast of the Tomb.  Does anyone know if anything ever came of this, or if not, what it was supposed to contain?  I notice the reference has been taken out in the Stoneheart Valley book.  Just curious as to what it may have been?

Oo, I'd be super interested in that...


In my campaign coming up, I have a timer set for when the Orcus inside the Tomb find the Black Monolith and open the gate to the Abyss, which means a huge buildup of demons in the tomb's area, which builds to them taking out the Tsathar and then, eventually, the entire valley. The players won't know it, but they have four months in game before things start to happen.