Where can I find the Ranans for Pathfinder?


This was posted about a week ago on Paizo 3rd partyproduct duscussion  but now that I'm here, I figure I should post this here too. 

I've downloaded last week and quickly look through "Against Tstathogga" and I really like the the Degenerate Ranan...nice monster for sure.

And at the end of the stat block ther's a small paragraph that indicate that the culture, history and detail of the other Ranan races will be presented in upcoming FGG product.

As the adventure was published in 2013, I was wondering if they had been already published (and if so where) and if not, if there's an estimated deadline...even if vague.



Maybe a shameless bump, but I'might still curious to know if there is more Ranan material (PFRPG) and if so where I could find it.

I would reckon that the campaign setting will be where you will see more info on the Ranan. That is next year-ish.