Tomb of Abysthor Snafu?


I've encountered a little problem in my prep-work prior to running Stoneheart Valley.

In the Level Summary Sidebar for Level 2 (The Lesser Caves and Dark Natasha's Lair), it states that one of the exits is the stairs to Level 3. While I cannot find stairs on the map, there is a reference to them in the room descriptions (Area 12 states they are in Area 22). This is a minor thing, easily fixed on the fly. However.....

The Map to Level 2 clearly shows that these "stairs" are in a side-cavern off of Area 22, and lead to Level 3, Area 17. Now, while there IS an Area 17 labelled on the Level 3 map....the room descriptions stop at Area 16!!!

Where's the area description for room 17?

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There is no Level 3, room 17, it should be Level 3, room 14 on the maps. Note the demon statue shown on the map.

I hate to disagree with you, but...I'm looking at the map to Level 3 (Pathfinder version, page 118). I can see Area 11, which contains a door to the east leading to Area 12, which contains a door to the east leading to a hallway that turns south and leads into Area 14, which does contain a statue.

However, if you head WEST from Area 11, there is a small stairs leading down to a hairpin turn that leads into Area 17. The room appears to contain a pillar or column (based on the map legend on page 86) as well as stairs that are clearly labeled "From Level 2 Area 22".

Am I missing something glaringly obvious here?

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Sorry about that. I was too hasty. I was hoping for an easy explanation due to minor mistake.

You are absolutely correct. Looking at on my IPad, I searched for area 14 and completely glossed over the white text on grey background for area 14.

Pulling out my original d20 Tomb of Abysthor, there is no area 17 just a label "From Level 2" and a corresponding label "To Level 3" on Level 2. At this time, I have no idea why area 17 was added to the Stoneheart Valley version.

So, it is either "BYOE" (Bring your own encounter) or it is simply a lablel to identify entry/exit from Level 2 & Level 3. The correct assumption is that there is no area 17 and no corresponding text to go with it.



Sorry to resurrect this topic, but I've found another mapping error. :(

On page 110 (Pathfinder version), there is a room labeled 6A, which claims to be the lair of some monsters. However, the map (p.108) does not appear to have a 6A. :(

Yes, I could just put my own in there, but I'm a little OCD and I always try to run things as "by the book" as possible. So I have to ask: where is 6A intended to be?

(I've checked the S&W version, as well as the original D1 Tomb of Abysthor, and they all seem to contain this error.)


Thank you for the errata. Please keep identifying it.

There are many little omissions and inconsistencies in most FGG products. I now consider it part of the charm. I use RealmWorks for campaign organization so I catch these all the time. And I route around them.... In Bard's Gate, Brin has three different spellings for his last name. I entered the others as aliases and moved on. The maps of the iconic buildings do not fit in the buildings that are on the map of the city.  I redrew the map to correct those and several other discrepencies and I'm happy as pie.

FGG material is creative, thought provoking, challenging, consistent and coherent. I don't see that in many of the competitors. I like the grittieness and sense of danger. For me, that outweighs the inconvenience and I love the setting that they are creating. Indeed, I've started to look at it as them providing extra service to me by forcing me to be really read the material. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. :)

I have Stoneheart Valley, and its errors like these that influence my opinion that this is one of FG's weaker products. : (