Tomb of Abysthor - Another Missing Map Label


I tried putting this in a previous topic. As it hasn't been answered yet, I'm trying again, making it its own topic.

I believe I've found another mapping error in Stoneheart Valley, specifically in the Tomb of Abysthor.

On page 110 (Pathfinder version), there is a room labeled 6A, which claims to be the lair of some monsters. However, the map (p.108) does not appear to have a 6A. :(

Yes, I could just put my own in there, but I'm a little OCD and I always try to run things as "by the book" as possible. So I have to ask: where is 6A intended to be?

(I've checked the S&W version, as well as the original D1 Tomb of Abysthor, and they all seem to contain this error.)