A Taste of Evil


Hello, folks;

My group has been discussing the idea of running something with a party consisting of a necromancer and several intelligent undead, using the Simple Corruption templates from PF's Horror book.  As to be expected, 'good' is not exactly the group's intended strong-point.  To pass for human and allow some level of access to civilization, Hats of Disguise and feats like Civilized Ghoulishness are already being discussed for sneaking into town to buy supplies and forcibly recruit replacements (since 0 HP == dead for most of the group).

So, the question, then, is what sort of module to run?  I know RA has a lovely village in the expansions catering to evil parties, and Tsar could work as well in a "cultists trying to usurp Orcus" power base, while searching for loot" perspective.  Are there any other FGG adventures that could be tweaked fairly easily to allow for a more morally-ambiguous group of fortune & power-seeking types?

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Lowport'd make a good base for evil PCs, if our partty is leaning towards priacey in and arround the Sunderd Kingdoms region. 

Want something closer to central Akados?  The Unclaimed Lands Court of Loom Che, or Turpin may be up their ally.   A little more Primitive to lord over the locals? then I'd recomend Aen Vani in the Wilderland hills. 

Hm, an interesting idea; I'd been thinking a more dungeon-delvy, modular approach, initially.  But a Kingmaker-style exploration/conquest in a place like the Unclaimed Lands, or hill territories to make their own Tsar 2.0 could be rather interesting.  I don't have too much in the way of the nautical books (that'll change once the current KS gets funded, though); so piracy's out, if only for the moment.  Still, there's a lot of fun to be had in a crew of the dead.