S&W / WhiteBox Supplement Ideas


I have a few ideas for supplemental material for Swords and Wizardry, as well as the WhiteBox version of the rules. However, before these ideas become more than notes and house rules, I would like to get some feedback to see if there is any interest. All of these releases would be in PDF format and fairly brief. One of the things I like about S&W is that it follows the KISS school of game design. I hope to ensure that same style with my own humble offerings.

Main Idea, Space and Wizardry. Grab your energy sword, laser pistol, and board a Solar Schooner to sail the light waves around Sol System in a future that combines aliens, science, and magic. Explore the dark caverns of Mars, navigate the dangerous asteroid belt, and fight off daring pirates in the skies above the rolling oceans of Venus. Bargain with mysterious Moon Men for magical secrets of an earlier age, search through the alleys of Jupiter's cloud cities far clues to the ambassador's murderer, or help unite the solar fleets of Earth against invading creatures from beyond time and space.

I'm thinking of a short series of PDF's, each one focusing on a single planet and the kind of adventures which could be had there. The feeling will be more light hearted then anything else. Does that sound interesting and original enough to warrant publication? Or, has it been done to death already? Any questions?