Stoneheart Valley Question (SPOILERS!)

I've just come across an interesting room in The Tomb of Abysthor section of the Stoneheart Valley. Level 3, Room 13. This room has 38 books, each trapped with both a fire trap and an explosive runes.

What? Are you kidding me? Assuming the CR for the traps in the adventure are correct, that is a total of 152,000 XP! Assuming the part has five members, that's 30,400 XP each!

Assuming the medium XP track, that is enough to take them from 1st level to 6th!

Even assuming they are 5th level (this level is designated as difficulty 5), that's enough to take them to 7th level, and a good portion of the way towards 8th!

From everything I've seen, Pathfinder grants XP for traps that you find and disable, bypass, or "survive". I can't see any way to avoid giving the PCs all this XP while still following the rules of the game.

This simply CANNOT be what was intended!!!

Some guidance would be very much appreciated here.

"Surviving" and "bypassing" the traps in Pathfinder terms would not include just ignoring the books here, if that's what you're worried about.

Even if it did, that would be silly, and as GM it's your job to fix things like that. These modules typically aren't even playtested in Pathfinder after conversion. Do what makes sense for your campaign and don't stress about it.

If something isn't a challenge, it doesn't merit XP.

If you don't feel comfortable resolving things like this on the fly or have players that would make a big fuss about not getting experience for doing nothing, just remove them and move on.

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As the GM, you should adjust as you need to. While there are rules around this in Pathfinder, remember, in the spirit of the game that rules are just a suggestion. If you feel something needs to be removed, remove it. If you feel something needs to be changed, change it. It is your creativity, your fiat, your best judgment that should come into play, and not necessarily what is written on the page.

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If I remember correctly, my players threw a big ol' area version Dispel Magic over the books after piling them up.  As their solution didn't give them a chance of being affected, I gave them experience for overcoming the trap once - equal to a fire trap and explosive runes trap - and called it a day. 

It's not an xp farm - bad decisions shouldn't merit xp (frex, don't give it to them if they open one book, take the damage, heal, then open the next just to keep getting the trap xp.)

If the first book trap goes off, do the other 37 books risk burning to ash? Or are they protected in some way?