Stoneheart Valley - Missing Map


I'm currently running a game with StoneHeart Valley, Tomb of Abysthor.  The party has been hex-crawling their way up from Bard's Gate and about to reach the Shrines of Thyr and Muir.  prepping for their encountering said shrines, I am a little floundered by the references to a map of the rooms under the shrines, since I cannot find any map!  now, 4 whole rooms (8 really, since there are 2 shrines), I can easily improvise.  but if there is an actual map that was meant to be part of the book/pdf, I'd appreciate getting a copy (posted in the Erratta board, perhaps?)



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thanks.  pretty close to what I made up anyway.


This link no longer works - is there someplace else to get the missing map?