Stoneheart Valley Is Missing a Map

The shrines to Thyr and Muir (pp 77-78) are missing their maps. The original product had maps, and the text is still keyed to map locations -- referring to rooms A, B, C, & D -- but no maps appear, at least not in the PF edition.

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Errrata? Cool :). I didn't notice that map was missing! I guess I can slip a scan of the original ToA map into my Stoneheart hardback in the meantime.

Speaking of omissions, any plan to make the old ToA rumour list available again? I did notice that wasn't in the book :-) I still have my pdf from the old Necro downloads page, but other folks might not...

I wish I could have caught that missing map; at least it is a simple one. I tried to download from the old Necromancer site and it was removed. I have been looking for that old pdf; I did work on the S&W conversion; I would have included it if I could have found it. Would you mind sending it to

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No worries - check your mail :-)

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I did not notice it either. Any time idea on the errata?

I don't see a rumour list in the original ToA. Which page was it on?