Splinters of Faith


My googlefu is probably failing me, but I just saw the deal of the day for Splinters of Faith.

Is this something that will eventually appear in book form?

Probably, though it's not formally on the schedule yet. I don't know if we have any copies of the original softcover individual books left, but I'd guess probably not.

Okidoki, I can wait:-)

I did some looking around on the interwebs and one of the main critiques (aside from editing errors) seem to be the transitions between the different books. I assume that when this series is transformed into a big book some effor twill be put into making it a more coherent whole?

Again, I can wait as long as you aim for 5 starts on endzeitgeist:-)

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I managed to pick this up while they were still in stock and have been running it on the Paizo forum for the last 11 months with eight players. We are almost through book three and I am not noticing any real glaring errors or continuity issues and continuity issues would be something that would  bug me normally. The players have been having a great time even with such a big group. (I had intended only six, but ya know how that goes!) I may be finally losing my first player due to RL. This is a lot better than my other games.