Segment Initiative

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After reading through the Complete Ruleset I had a blast from the past when I read the "ALternate Combat Sequence Method no. 3 (Modified Supplement 3 Rules)" and saw the segment based  initiative. I was a little kid when I first played the game and this part used to fascinate (and kind of vex) me. 

Now, seeing it as an adult I think it could lead to really cool dynamic combats but I'm not sure if it can be handled smoothly. 

Does anyone in the community use it? I was thinking of preparing some kind of visual aid (maybe printable spreadsheet o whiteboard...)


Thanks in advance







 Back in day, we used a variation based on an interpretation of 1E rules and Dragon articles at time. Not sure what it was or what articles (it was nearly 40 years ago) but I recall we felt that at the abstraction of minute rounds it didn’t seem right for “fast” weapons like daggers be better due to multiple strikes in some scenarios vs a 2h sword. Maybe we did it wrong. (Again this was not based on Complete book of course)

I was always looking back then to get players to consider other aspects to which weapon to take proficiency and use vs standard long sword/short sword etc.

I loved idea of more dmg vs certain armors but besides being a bit tricky at times (base AC on non armor wearers) it got to be a pain when articles or later books added weapons well thought out but sans ac to hit adjustments because was not commonly used. So tiried to see if speed factor could help a little  

Iir, we did at least use it for what segment you actually swung on vs moved  It was used in conjunction with spell cast segments to see if hit during cast etc.


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