Rappan Athuk GM's Corner (Spoilers, seriously)


Hi Folks,

For those of us who were on the old necromancer games yuku forums, you'll know we had a little space for GMs to discuss the megadungeon, it's rooms, levels and encounters.

I run two games of RA. One is ~level 10, in a worldbuilding campaign, using RA expeditions to fund their kindom-building plans (no one ever said it was a good idea). The other is a more raw dungeon crawl, much more of a meat grinder. I've missed the ability to discuss this stuff.

The room I'm interested in right now is 7-7 (Page 267). Has anyone run that room, and how would you change it? I find it's inhabitants to be underwhelming. Putting a few hit die of warrior on everyone, might make it a little smoother and meaner, I think. Monk, possibly?


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May I add another question?

My players are on Level 3 and just found the hidden stairway and got zapped by the Symbol of Insanity.  The Spell-Less Ranger went inside, opened the casket and got hit with the Fireball.  He grabbed the Staff of Power before he ran out.

Now after some time to think and to reread the sidebar I have come to the conclusion that the curse only affects whoever takes something out of the vault.


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Okay, I need some suggestions. There are three specially marked Daggers that are needed to enter Level 3B. They are conceivably hidden somewhere in RA.

Has anyone used the Daggers or have you planned out where you will put them so they can be found?

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I've not run 7-7, but my players are mostly psionic so I re-flavored the Encephalon Gorgers as Psionic rather than Divine.  It seemed fitting, since they have powers like Mindfeed and Mindsense anyway.  I'm not sure how the room will play out, as the group has been as deep as 04 (Upper Temple)... not clear yet, 04B (The Gut) most of the way through that.... Have not hit 04A yet, or any of the level 05 stuff.  In the expansion volume, we've been down to 03D (Tunnels of Terror), without actually clearing it completely yet.



I'd agree with the assessment regarding the curse.  The sidebar, at the bottom of 162 says, 'Anyone who leaves the room with...'



I've not set the daggers/keys as being anywhere in particular yet.  I'd be curious as to where other people have put them, although there seems to be two potential boss level encounters within the dungeon. 

The vault (03B) is potentially world changing in a not so good way.  And then, the boss of the dungeon while not related to the contents of said vault, is the definition of nastiness too.  Two penultimate final encounters, each not related to each other, aside from appearing within the same book.  I'll be interested in seeing which my group tackles first, and how things go.

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A few options for the keys.  To keep things simple (not easy, but simple!) you could put one in each of the three temples to Orcus. 

That said, as level 3B is the ultimate 'out of the way, hard to find' level, consider hiding them in other sub levels that are similarly out of the way.  Aladdin's Lament, amongst the remains of Ereg Tal, beyond the gates of Hell or even deeper.

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The Bloodways or the Halls of Kazleth the Phase Minotaur King would also be good 'out of the way' options for the keys.

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I was thinking of placing them somewhere when the party hits the level 15 difficulty levels.  A suggestion has been made to place 2 of the daggers earlier than that but let the last one be in a 15th level encounter.