Rappan Athuk distances


I'm gearing up to run Rappan Athuk via Fantasy Grounds VTT for a group in the very near future...I'm going to use the Pregens that came with RA.  Using the info with the Pregens, the party will have "just arrived" in Zelkor's Ferry, having been sponsored from a patron in either Freegate or Bard's Gate.  It won't be a problem at the begining, however, I anticipate that the players will at some point need to travel to offload their hard-earned magical goods.  I've not printed out the region maps yet, but eyeballing the hex count it seems that Freegate is about 450 miles from the bridge on the Canyon river by Coast Road, and about 650 miles from Endhome by sea?  That sound about right?

Given that the PCs will be level 1, I'll be kicking off with the Mouth of Doom, and letting them pick their own path from there...

Any tips/suggestions for running this beast would be welcome!  



Based on info I found from the SoA kickstarter stuff, it looks like RA to Freegate is 550 miles...I'm off two hexes or so.  For those who have ran RA, how has your party offloaded their ill gotten goods? 


Of those tow, I'd unload the goods in Endhome. Easier to get to and easier to "avoid Imperial entanglements" if you know what I mean...(you probably don't, so I'll just tell you: being boarded and "taxed" by ships from the Empire of Oceanus in the Pontine Straits). If you want to avoid the open sea entirely, hug the coast into the Amrin Estuary and unload the goods in Eastgate, another agent city of Bard's Gate (hopefully you're seeing the super subtle naming scheme by now ;-)  ). Want more info on Eastgate? Just wait until we begin releasing the excellent The Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces by Matt Finch (in editing now) later this year. :-)

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My party once traveled to Endhome to off load some illgotten booty or illbooten gotty.  They took a river barge east to meet a coastline ship for the trip, there and back.  As Greg says perhaps an easier way to sell off goods would be in Eastgate.

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So, how far is it by keelboat from Zelkor's Ferry to Endhome?  My players are almost to the level where they will be wanting to make the trip.

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The short answer... a long ways.

Traditionally, keelboats don't do well when they hit the sea - they're designed for river travel.

There are a couple of options available.  The easiest is probably the 80 miles or so east by keelboat, along the river to the Coast Road (near Rappan Athuk proper).  From there they can hoof it - taking the coast road north about 250 miles gets them to Eastwych - a major city dedicated to the Foere Navy.  They could easily charter a ship to Endhome from there (on top of that, if all you're looking to do is sell off goods, Eastwych is big enough as it is).  A coast hugger is looking at about 950 miles south to Endhome.

The other option is to take a keelboat to the Coast road and turn south.  The overland route to Amrin Ferry is about 700 miles.  There you can cross the Amrin Estuary to Eastgate (another good sized city).  Walk 700 miles to Telar Brindol, then the final 250 to Endhome.  Totaling about 1550 miles.

If you're a kind DM, you could allow one of the small fishing villiages that are sure to be along the way have a ship - pehaps for a price or quest - somewhere down around where the Coast Road turns into Lowwater road and cut about 1000 miles off the trip as you avoid skirting Armin Estuary.

Check out the Sinnar Coast Regional map for more info.  :)