Rappan athuk


What level can I start this campaign. Will the wildernes start at 1 or no. Also is there like a home city the pcs can work out of?



For the Pathfinder version, starting at level 1 is fine if you direct the players to the Mouth of Doom (level 1C). The main mausoleum shouldn't be tackled until at least level 4. The gating encounter is the green gargoyls. Their DR is their big strength.

As for home cities, you've got the little hamlet of Zelkor's Ferry, although you could place another city near by. If you have the subscription you have the option of the ruined Castle Calaelen if that's your style, or the LN/LE town of Mitchrod for those who campion law instead of good.

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The Mouth of Doom, Castle Calaelon, and the Face in the Forest are the beginning level locals.  The wilderness is a much rougher, ranging from "dear gods", to "we're doomed".  I would not recommend exploration for level 1 PCs (or level 5 pcs' either). Rappan Athuk it's self starts at level 5 play. 

The closest point of (known) civilization is Zulkor's Ferry.  There are vague mentions of a city to the south, but nothing specific. 

Hope this helps.


This does help. I have another question. I see the dungeon has monsters that arenlusted as being in the time of horrors. Is there somewhere else I can get all if these monsters besides complete horrors. I don't feel at this time spending that much. I don't run enough home brew to justify that yet

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Rappan Athuk has a small beatiary avalible that covers the critters unique to this doungeon. http://froggodgames.org/rappan-athuk-bestiary

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Freeport is the closest city to the north up the coast road although the distance is still somewhat undefined. My players just based themselves out of Zelkor's Ferry though as it is much closer. What they could not get there I let them import for a fee of course!


Thanks for the replies. I will try and incorporate all I can into this. 

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Yes, I am practicing Necromancy.  If you haven't heard yet there is another campaign setting book called Borderland Provinces that covers most of the area from RA to Endhome.  There is a small city west of Zelkor's Ferry , upriver that is the source of most of the river traffic.

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Referencing 'The Borderland Provinces', Endholme isn't that far away... if the group wants to purchase larger items than are available in a place like Zelkor's Ferry.  I like Endholme, as it is detailed fairly well (within The Lost City of Barakus).

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Endhome is good, particularly if you have a ship, but it's still about 600 miles as the crow flies (and about 1600 miles if you take the roads!).

Amrin Ferry is about 400 miles southwest of Zelkor's Ferry, and avoids any possible imperial entanglements with the Empire of Oceanus.

Eastwych is probably your best bet though.  Straight up the Coast Road to the north (just off the Sinnar Coast Map).  Eastwych is a good sized lawful city that would fairly safe (except perhaps for overzealous party thieves).  From there a ship could be hired to various ports, or even a coast skimmer to drop you off near Rappan Athuk.

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It's not that far on the map, but if you figure each hex as 50 miles across, that is deceptively further away than it appears.  Essentially, it's the same distance as Vancouver to Calgary.

Having taken the overland route once, basically an entire session of play outside of RA (for an RA focused campaign), Endholme is now a Teleport away.  The characters have hit 10th level, and are well along the way to 11th, after our last session.

I don't really like Teleport, but see the convenience it provides from the player's perspective.