Question regarding the Lost Lands and beastiaries



Does the Sword of Air, The Lost city of Barakus and Stoneheart Valley use any monsters from Pathfinders beastiary #4 ?

Ive got stoneheart valley on order, would like to pickup the other two in the immediate future (money is tight) and just wondering if ill need Pathfinders 4th beastiary to run them. I know I can use the PRD online, but prefer physical books.


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Definitely not in Barakus and Stoneheart Valley. Possibly for SoA, I scanned the pdf of both Bestiary 4 and Pf SoA and didn't see any. I don't think so, but don't hold me to it.



Thank you Shadow Frog for taking the time to do that for me. I really appreciate it. Once able ill go ahead and order the FGG books before the beastiary 4.

Thanks again, seriously 

Have a great day


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Oh, there are significant number of monsters in SoA from Tome of Horrors Complete and Tome of Horrors 4.

Ive got TOHC already, so ill grab TOH4. Ive got to find some extra cash around someplace :-)