Original Swords & Wizardry Modules

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just a question: I purchased most of the fine adventures created by you - many of them both in Pathfinder and S&W format. I realized with modules like Barakus and Razor Coast that the S&W version was rather like an afterthought - the S&W version clearly stretched the rules to their limits and had to do compromises in order to tell the same story as with Pathfinder rules. 

Therefore I wonder: Which S&W modules were originally created for S&W rules in mind? 


I believe The Black Monestary was. It was originally for old D&D, at any rate

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Hopefully some frongs will correct anything I say that's wrong.


At least for some of the materials that have their genesis in Bill Webb's campaign (such as Rappan Athuk or Sword of Air), they were originally created for original D&D or 1st edition.  Which gives them much closer ties to S&W than to Pathfinder...even if the published version came for 3.x (as in Rappan Athuk).  In regards to stretching the rules to their limits...that's the nice thing about the older editions of D&D...that kind of thing was expected.


So, if it has Bill Webb as the pirmary author, it was probably originally for old-school D&D.  The same goes for Matt Finch.

Cyclopean Deeps is a great S&W sandbox for high -level characters.  Pure genius.