The Northlands Saga - Help Needed - NS10 The Broken Shieldwall (Spoilers)

I was reading the Northlands Saga to familiarize myself with the whole Saga in preparation to running it.

In the last chapter we have the Godi and Seer that had predicted: "[...]They determined that to save
the Køenig and his army from utter destruction, and indeed to save the Northlands themselves from the inevitable decline that would follow such a disaster, a new army must be raised, the greatest army ever seen in the Northlands, surpassing even that raised by Njal for his expedition. This Great Northern Army must comprise warriors of all the Northlands, take ship in a mighty fleet with the summer tides to rescue the trapped army
of Njal, and carry the vengeance of the Northlands against the duplicity of the Mulstabhins and their barbaric allies. [...]"
and "It says that the omens will favor this Great Army only if it is raised and led by the greatest heroes of the Northlands. The expedition to rescue my father and brother is doomed to fail unless you can find these heroes and sway them to our cause." 

The first part of the adventure is the mustering of the Army, which make sense, however I've noticed the four groups are not covered: The Seagestrelanders, the Nûk, the Nieulander and the Jomsviking. Now I can see a argument not to include them:

  • The Seagestrelander and the Nûk both live in the Northlands, but are not Northlander per say;
  • The Nieulander are Northlanders, but not residing in the Northlands;
  • The Jomsvikings are Northlanders, they resides in the Northlands, but they are technically outlaws.

But I figured, what if an enterprising group of PCs wish to recruit from those groups? Sure I could say "No" but might be hard to justify in the case of Nieulander if some of the PCs are Jarls there. Or, I could say "Sure, sounds like a great idea" and have them give it a shot.

I've already figured out a few things to consider when creating those army groups, but some help/feedback would be appreciated:

  • All 4 army groups would probably be relatively small (I,m guessing 500 troops at best) with possible exception for the Seagestrelander;
  • The Seagestrelander and the Nûk probably doesn't have ship of their own, so would need to get a "lift" arranged by the PC;
  • Nûk would probably be a mainly archer group;
  • Nieulander might have an elite Skraelings group;
  • The Seagestrelanders and the Nieulander are probably Commoner/Warrior, not Fighters;
  • The Jomsvikings would probably not be able to muster much more then 200-250 men, but would be an elite group (at least Fighter 2 if not a bit more).​

​Anythnig I'm missing or overlooking?

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Oh I like how your thinking, and may resort to this once my owen campain reaches that point (I should be starting on the Wyrd of the Winter king tonight, barring any player issues)

  • Nuklanders might beable to provide scouts, and skrmisher units.
  • Jomsvikings might, if approached by a Giant-blooded, or Troll-Bloded hero bring a small force of giants say 50 or so depending on his/her reputation, and how good the recutement speach is. 
  • Nieulanders My take would be the PC's are the nieulander forces.  But any addtinal would be few, as the Nieulanders are very few in number.
  • Seagestrelanders might rally if a hero of their pepole calls them.  They may also bring a small number of Adepts (I agree they would only be able to offer NPC class forces)
  • One last option, and one very dependt on how dipolmaic the players are, is the Dutchy of Monrovia.  They could provide a strong contingent of mounted infantry, and calvery.  How many would be a good question.  I'd say no more then half the Hrolfland forces, unless the party can offer very good terms.  Like a formal peace treaty, trade agreements, possibly one of the Nieuland islands, you get the idea.  Heck they may even insit on a dynastic marriage, when all is said and done.


Thank you. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who thinks of this.

The Nûk as Skirmisher/Scout unit would a good idea.They would be a small units (Maybe make them ranger or Hunter) but would definitely be a great addition and would help avoid ambushes.

I like you idea on how to get the Jomsviking involved, Mine involved a parley from a powerful faction oppose to the Jomsviking Konig involvment with enemy who offer a truce and help. I like your idea of a small giant unit of 50 or so, that could be pretty devastating in and by itself and maybe add 150 or 200 Jomsviking Barbarians and you have a good little breaching unit there.

If any of the PCs are Jarl in Nieuland, than their boat would technically be Nieulander force. otherwise a small force lead by Hallbjorn Bolverkson or Torin Vulmerson (The Jarl of Kasternack) or one of his Son/Huscarl. The initial colony was about 600 people, 150 colonist came initially with the PC and Between NS7 and NS10 10-11 years has passed, so the colony could have grown considerable. Probably enough to support a small force of 400-600 men...mostly commoners. A Troll-blood Pc might be able to convince somce Skragling (say 50 to 100) to join in, depending on how the relatinoship between those two groups had evolved.

A Seagestrelander PC would do marvel there and I love your idea of a small number of Adept, perfect for the extra fire power without being too overpowering.

How could I have forgotten about Monrovia? They have a close tie with Hrolfland, so despite not technically being Northlander or of the northland, they live next door. They could provide more mobility and heavy armoured troops and I like where you are going with the "payment" for the help.

Again thank you, your input really helps me refine my idea.

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My pleasure.  You've given me some food for thought as well. 

I'm busy this week, but I'm off during the week of Monday Feb 27th. I'll try to whip up a couple troops and post/link them here.