Monk too powerful

Not really certain what to do with the monk. Any ideas?

It actually states that it's considerably more powerful, and suggests that you might want to restrict people from taking it. I'd say cut it, or possibly beef up the XP required to level for them. Dunno.

Since I mostly play 5e, I've not taken the game apart as much as I'd like.

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In what ways are you finding the monk to be overpowered?  Most of the time, I find if you follow the restrictions, it's actually a very weak class at the beginning, and only ends up being a viable party member by about 5th level.  Bear in mind the restrictions - no potions (that means healing too!) and can only use magic weapons and rings.  The d4 HD is very rough, as is the slowly increasing AC bonus. 

How is Monk too powerful? Put even a high level monk up against anything that has a requirement of only being hit by Silver or Magical weapon and all his multiple attacks and damage for unharmed become useless.