Mitra-specific prestige class?


I'm normally a S&W GM but for the last six months or so, I've been running a 3.5 / PF game - the pc's have recently reached the Desolation and are just starting to give Tsar the ol' side-eye.  That said, as they're getting up there in levels a bit, there's been some talk of prestige classes.  I did a search, but don't have a ton of PF LL materials in hard back.  Are there some pdf's I should pick up that include a prestige class for a priest of Mitra?



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The Justicar of Muir can be found on pg 166 of the Stoneheart Valley book.

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Justicar of Muir is also featured in Slumbering Tsar on p. 737. While I don't recall a specific prestige class for Mitra, you could adapt either the Disciple of Orcus (Slumbering Tsar, Stoneheart Valley, Sword of Air) or the Zealot of Orcus (Sword of Air) to be an Arbiter of Mitra or something similiar. Thinking more on it, if it were a paladin that was interested in the prestige class, you could take the Stalwart Defender, scale it back some and mesh in some divine abilities to create a new prestige class that fits your needs too.

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