Metamagic feats by FGG?


Are there any metamagic feats published by frog god? I have an arcanist going into archmage in my campaign and he asked, but I'm too lazy to check all of the books on my shelf.

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The online/free site: has all Pathfinder content, as far as rules crunch goes.  It breaks down content by publisher, and you can filter out non-Paizo content.

I'm not aware of FGG metamagic feats, but haven't looked either.  That would be an easy site to look up just about anything rules related for Pathfinder.

Except it doesn't have any closed content. I know that there is plenty of fgg stuff not on there from personal experience.

Sorry if that sounded rude. I wrote it at work and just reread it. I regularly use d20pfsrd and love the site, but it does have limits on its content. I have not seen any of Razor Coast PrC on there or the Portalist. I don't expect them there, i just don't like having to go through all my books when i get curious about something. If the frogs would allow it, i can throw together a Google doc that gives names of feats and book for people to reference.

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I suppose, for legal reasons, the d20pfsrd site can only have open content.


I didn't see any metamagic feats listed by FGG, but many of their spells are listed there.



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