Map Scale for 1975


I'm getting ready to run 1975 and couldn't find a reference to the size of the valley. Those who have run it, what sort of scale have you used for the map? While the best answer may be "the right size to challenge the group," I am curious what you've used and how it played out.

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The right size to challenge the group is what I was referenced when I asked about this a long time ago.  You are correct that there is no scale.

I found about two days travel worked really well for a good sized group, though a week would make things more interesting.  Take a look at Bill Webbs Book of Dirty Tricks for some ideas about getting lost in the wilderness (though the map should help).




Thanks - BTW, I am loving your session write-ups. Should you ever run your group through 1975, please be sure to post it!

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Thanks for the compliment!  We've had a couple of weeks off due to the holidaze, but hopefully back at it tomorrow.