Map of the Lost Lands

Is there available anywhere (either by itself or as part of a module) an overworld map of the entire Lost Lands setting, showing the relative locations and distances of the Sinnar Coast Region, The Gulf of Akados, the Borderlands Provinces, the Northlands, etc.? I'm running a campaign beginning in Barakus, likely to branch out into RA, the Sundered Kingdoms, or the Sword of Air as the PCs level, and it would be very helpful as GM to have a better visual idea of the world setting this all takes place in.

No, unfortunately not yet. It's the one thing about FGG that slightly bothers me. If you're starting in Barakus, however, you can get the Sinnar Coast map and the Akados map; those two actually meet up, providing a fairly large area to adventure in. 

On top of that, see if you can get the Cult of the Sundered Kingdoms Campaign, as well as the Player's Guide. Endhome is in that region, so starting there means that the players can make characters out of the Player's Guide for CotSK. 

Its not an ideal solution, unfortunately, but I hope for a full world-map come 2017 and the Campaign Setting that keeps being promised...

Thanks, that's helpful to know. It really is a shame, but maybe I'll just supplement with Cult of the Sundered Kingdoms for the time being. 

I posted a "player's map" a while back that gives a pretty close approximation.  For personal use, I've got a pretty comprehensive map of the Lost Lands that have been released which includes Sinnar, Gulf of Akados, Borderlands and Northlands.  But it's probably a little too good for me to post....  Here's a version that should give you some perspective.

That's helpful, thanks!

Thank you that is super helpful.

Replying to an old post, but still wanted to compliment you on the look of that map.

i’d love to see any other maps artists have made of the connected lands someday.