Lost Lands Podcast(s)?

Hey everybody!  Does anyone know of a good podcast that covers Lost Lands and/or other Frog God materials?  I know that the boys at Web DM did an extensive interview recently with Zach Glazer, but have there been others?  Reviews of products, or overviews of the Tomes or Spell books?  I'd also be interested in listening to a live-play in the settings.  Thanks!  -Bill




There's been a couple of Youtube videos on Bill Webb's youtube page that showcase the Lost Lands a little bit; nowhere near as much a I'd like, however. I'd love to get just two minutes alone with Greg's hand-drawn map...

We have some more information on our YubeTube page inside a bunch of videos. I can promise one thing though, you will be hearing a lot more about it very soon :) And that map isnt just hand drawn anymore.

Ugh, tease...I want that map. I hope that one of the stretch goals for the eventual KS of the Campaign Setting is a huge cloth map. I will buy that thing in a heartbeat.