Lost City of Barakus Room 3A-15 [Spoilers]

Room 3A-15 says the passage way winds eastward for several miles before arriving in Area 4A-1 or Area 4B-1.

Cross-referencing Areas 4A-1/4B-1 both say that the passageway from 3A-15 terminates there.

  • Is there a fork in the passageway that's off the map?
  • Does the passageway really mean to go westward instead of eastward ( as it leaves the west side of the map )?
  • Does it descend then curl around eastward?
  • Does any of that actually matter?

In the orginal d20 adventure published by Necromancer Games, there was only Level 4A: The Hall of the Sword. The passage from 3A heads west from Area 3A-15. Looking at the map for Level 4A, that corresponds with the east passage from 4A-1. This is all good and the area between is off-map and not shown.

With Level 4B which was added as a bonus level during the KS, the mapping starts to go toward fubarage.  There has to be a fork in the passageway that is off-map to include 4B. I would make it either north or south of the main passageway that heads to 4A and then rotate 4B map with the proper orientation to make it make sense with the chosen direction.

If you really want a challenging brain-teaser, download the free Tower of Bells module and then try to follow the text and the maps at the same time. 

Thanks SD!

I didn't realize that 4B was new content. I'll pencil it in and make it work with your suggestions.

I did a quick read-through of Tower when it first was released. I'll do a more thorough reading with the map next time.