Incorpiating Prestige classes into the lost lands


Two of my players have announced that they are interested in taking Prestige Classes.  Neither of them are ready just yet.


Zayle the Halfling rouge is looking to become a Shadow Dancer.  Currently she's two levels away before it'll become a possibility.


Crom, the Half-elfen Ranger/Wizard is interested in taking the Eldritch Knight Prestige Class.  He's at least three leves away before it become a possibility.


Currently the party is in Bard's Gate. 


Tha Shadow Dancers are fairly easy, a small dance hall in Bard's Gate, that a front for the Shadow Dancer's guild - That's also secretly tied to the cult of Mirkeer.  Ie Guild rituals and rites are actually worship ceremonies of Mirkeer.  As I said easy.


Eldritch Knights in the other hand are somewhat more problematic.  One option is to declair that most Eldrich Knights are from the Forest Kingdoms, or perhaps Endhome my have some.  I'd like to hear some of your thoughts on this as well.

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Eldritch Knight has a lot of possibilities.  As you said, the Forest Kingdom and Endhome are good choices, but so is Bards Gate.  They could easily be part of the Lyreguard - perhaps an elite squad. If you want to make it more mystical, a sect of monk-like Eldritch Knights who jealously guard their knowledge and powers from normal eyes, or an open group of free defenders who have the governments blessing to be a Jedi-like group of wise diplomat / warriors who guard the general populace from threats.

If you consider Eldritch Knights uncommon, perhaps a good choice would be to put their "homeland" someplace outside the normal play area you are focusing on -- the Grand Duchy of Reme, Duchy of Waymarch or the Empire of Foere for instance are relatively close but possibly somewhat exotic.

GDR/DoW are appealing to me because they interact with Bard's Gate fairly frequently.  Additionally, GDR/DoW provides mercenaries to Bard's Gate.  Perhaps the PC has mustered out, gone AWOL or is on assignment.

Empire of Foere is interesting as they have considerable interests to the immediate south. While not antagonistic, the relationship with Bard's Gate is definitely not as amicable as that enjoyed by GDR/DoW.  Trade, espionage, recruitment for the order, offering services, banishment, geas....  Lots of reasons a PC could be several thousand miles from their homeland.

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Both of you raise some very good ideas. 

I think I will present them as a divided remnant of the Hyborian Empire.  A faction that stayed, when the empire withdrew from Akados.  One faction seeks to preserve civilization from the encroaching chaos, but they were decimated when the Amy of Light vanished.  The remainder are still rebuilding the order, and remain a shadow of their former glory. 

The other faction have sworn their loyalty to the great nation states of Akados. Each of the larger nations has only a few such knights at any given time. 

A knight acting as an emissary from one of the nations friendly with Bards Gate could see Crom as a way to strengthen an ally.  Alternitively the other faction could see him as someone who would be interested in fighting for a larger cause. 

Thank you both for your ideas. Now I have some clear ides for the next phase of the campaign.