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Okay, so I'm a Hero Lab junkie... But what content is included in the Hero Lab stuffs to justify me purchasing what I need to go along with my books? Is there a Sword of Air file for Hero Lab in the works?

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The Rappan Athuuk files for Hero Lab are not made up encounters, such as the Rise of the Runelords package from Wolflair.


It is more like the source monsters. 

From within Hero Lab, you can go to the Game Master tab, and click on Show Encounter Builder.  From there, you can search for pretty much any of the mob types, including fully statted up NPCs if you type their name (at least for most of the named things within RA).

You can then click Add to encounter, and then import to Hero Lab.

I generally do a blank (new) encounter, with nothing in it, and import one of each type of thing.  Then it's (Shift K) for the configuration, and I enable all of my sources (Use Default, having set whatever the Default is going to be for whatever I'm playing).

Then make any tweaks that are necessary, if any.

For example, in a Gestalt Game (optional rules from Unearthed Arcana, circa 3.0/3.5 WotC) you would either reduce the Challenge Rating of a given mob by 1 or 2 points (1 point for a primarily melee type and 2 points for a mob that primarily relies upon 'make this save or something nasty happens').  A gestalt character is a bit tougher, and normal mobs are less challenging.  After that you can add either classes or additional hit dice (if you want the mob to be a bit more challenging than normal, to bring it up to whatever the "normal" experience value would be for a given encounter... or leave it at the default challenge, which equates to less than expected experience due to stronger characters.  I tend to do both options, roughly an equal amount, to result in an unexpected somewhat random experience.

Once everything is set as desired, use the Duplicate as necessary, to bring up the number of creatures to the desired numbers, if there are going to be multiples; it's easier to edit one and then duplicate within Hero Lab, than to import four or twelve things and edit each in turn.

Then save the encounter, so you can load it easily and add those creatures to combat once the PCs run into them.  I personally use 'Combat Manager', which is a free software by Kyle Olson, as I find that to be superior for tracking initiative and combats to the Hero Lab software... smoother and less clunky anyway.  To each their own, I suppose.