Hero Lab files for Lost City of Barakus



I recently purchased the Lost City of Barakus hero lab files and have found a great majority of the files for NPC's in the wilderness are missing. is the product incomplete or is there something missing in my download?

Maybe this thread can help:




I was getting a *path too long* error and it was nto unpacking all the files.

Thanks but its not that I am gettting an error its that I don't have all the npc's in the file. All of the ones from the wilderness are completely missing, so I am trying to find out if its supposed to be ther or is the product just incomplete.

They are missing.  I was looking for the bandits this weekend and could not find them.  I'd love to see an update that included ALL enoucounters and converted the package to .POR files like Stoneheart Valley but I am doubtful this is coming.

I have not gone through the dungeon files carefully yet.

 There is a LOT more than just the bandits missing. I was under the impression when I purchased it that all the NPC's are included. They should tell you in the listing that the product is incomplete before collecting $15 from you. I am very dissapointed in this product.

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Please ask for a refund ASAP.  Either use "Contact Us" or if that is unsatisfactory then send Bill (or really Krista) an email at bill@talesofthefroggod.com and let them know your disappointment with this product. Also, be sure to ask for clarification on support for current and future Herolab products.

Thank you for your response. I sent an email to the address you listed. Was it wrong for me to assume the product would be a complete catalog of the npc's for the campaign? I am an avid Hero Labs user and was considering purchasing the other products on the website. Are any of them complete?

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Nope, not wrong all; it should be complete. I haven't looked at them in detail (I am personally looking forward to 5e HeroLab support by Lone Wolf) I know that the Stoneheart Valley and Dead Man's Chests included *.por files as well as *.hl file. Rappan Athuk and Razor Coast are *.hl files only.

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As a follow-up after reinstalling the Pathfinder system and checking this out for myself,  I really don't see how just *.hl is really of any use at all as it is currently written. The *.por files will give you NPC similiar to building a PC. I think for the *.hl file to be useful it needs to add an option to the Encounter Library. 

Edit: I actually found that the Barakus hl file installed several POR files in local Hero Lab documents folder. These are very limited with no wilderness encounters.

Thank you for the confirmatiom. Waiting to hear back from the company.

Quick update: The good people at Frog God made this right and from what I hear are taking the files down until they fix them. Thanks , everyone invoved,

@luke.bensons:  Thanks for the update. I'm halfway through creating files for the wilderness now....  :(

@FGG:  For those of us that bought the original files, will there be a notice for the new download when it becomes available?  

Any update on this please?

Were these files ever made available again?