Hero Lab Error with Rappan Athuk Files


My Hero Lab is now getting errors every time I launch in Pathfinder with the problem appearing to be Rappan Athuk.


I have the FGG content, Rappan Athuk and StoneHeart Valley files imported:

I launch Hero Lab in Pathfinder and get this error:

After it reloads I try to load a portfolio (for a Rappan Athuk encounter or even others)

My current update source is:


I've submitted a trouble ticket submitted at:


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HeroLab Pathfinder is no longer supported by Frog God Games. They are no longer sold and no one in-house will be updating these files. Any files like Tome of Horrors that are supported by Lone Wolf will continue as part of their Pathfinder system update.

I've moved on to 5e, but my PF loads fine with RA data activated.  From the Configure Your Hero screen, these are my settings which may or may not help.  In short, everything from FGG that I own EXCEPT for Fire As She Bears has been activated:

User Content > Community Pack (v1.2) > Third Party Products > Frog God Games > FGG - Fire As She Bears UNCHECKED

User Content > Community Pack (v1.2) > GM Section > Frog God Games > FGG - Dead Man's Chest (d20) CHECKED

User Content > Community Pack (v1.2) > GM Section > Frog God Games > FGG - Tome of Horrors CHECKED

Frog God Games/Necromancer Games > FGG Pathfinder Content CHECKED

Frog God Games/Necromancer Games > Bestiary > The Tome of Horrors Complete CHECKED

Frog God Games/Necromancer Games > Modules > all of them here are CHECKED

Frog God Games/Necromancer Games > Supplements > all of them here are CHECKED


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If there is anything that no longer works as it should, you should ask FGG at Krista at bill@talesofthefroggod.com for a refund or store credit. However, the above workaround appears to work.

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All of my FGG content is working fine with Hero Labs.

Fire as she bears, adds a bunch of options which I don't want in the majority of my portfolios, but would be useful if doing a ship specific portfolio.

Everything else is activated, and everything is working fine.

Many of the named adversaries, from assorted products, are available when searching the 'encounter builder', and most of the races are available from the 'background' tab.

I generally open whatever, tinker with or otherwise tweak the portfolio, and then save it in a hierarchy format.

I have:

-- Rappan Athuk

---- Surrounding Wilderness

---- Level 00 (Ground Level)

---- Level 00A (Cavern of the Kraken)

---- Level 00B (Cloister of the Frog-God)

---- Level 00C (Zelkor's Ferry)

---- Level 00D (Castle Calaelen)

---- Level 00E (Tunnels of Terror)

---- Level 01 (Lair of the Dung Monster)

-------- Random 01 (3) Wererats

-------- Random 02 Ghasts & Ghouls

-------- Random 03 Gelatinous Cube

-------- Area 01-01 Entrance Chamber (Green Slime)

-------- Area 01-03 Collapsed Room

-------- Area 01-05 The Trapped Step

-------- Area 01-06 Poker Room

-------- Area 01-07 The Pit


---- Level 01A (Temple of Final Sacrament)

---- Level 01B (The Abandoned Bastion)

---- Level 01C (The Mouth of Doom)

---- Level 01D (Tunnels of Terror)


I have finished down through Level 08A (Tomb of the Beacon), and have part of Level 09D (The Bloodways) done, as my party had found a way down to that level in a previous session.

The deeper stuff will gradually be added.

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I had the same error - this link has the steps to get rid of the error. I believe something else has used the same object name.