Have Pathfinder, want S&W versions as well...

I have this cool discount voucher that expires in october.

I have most stuff in Pathfinder and I am thinking of getting some books in S&W.

Except for the Rappan Athuk bestiary I have most bestiaries in S&W as well.

I don't have a winning lottery ticket so I have to be a bit picky:-)

I can probably sort the books by weight, page count or how I like them.

Are there any books that are a pain to convert that merit special mention?

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In terms of Pathfinder, I think they're all about at the same level of conversion difficulty/ease. I can't think of any that would be more difficult to convert than any others.

Okidoki, that leaves me with sorting them on fun/weight then:-)

I've read somewhere that The Slumbering Tsar Saga was designed using PFRPG to the system's limits. I have only read it superficially and BEFORE I started playing S&W, so I might be worng here, but I think that one is going to be a difficult conversion.