Frog God + Realm Works = Amazingness!

Please please please do something like this with the Lost Lands!

Having the huge campaign tomes and adventure paths from Frog God on Realm Works would be priceless! Please consider it!

Both Razor Coast and The Blight are already slated for RW releases.

Good to hear about The Blight - hoping for a lot more of the Lost Lands too!

Quick question for those you that may have used Realm works: is it system specific or system agnostic?  (QBQ: Would The Blight in RW be useful for a S&W campaign?)

AEIOU is the expert, but it is absolutley system agnostic! (and a really amazing tool!)

Lone Wolf Development, makers of RealmWorks has confirmed that they are doing the RW conversions for Razor Coast and Blight themselves.  So no frogs were sacrificed in the process.... I really like this approach as it means that these will be among their first releases so they have to be rock solid. They are going to form the baseline of what a really good conversion to RW will look like.

However, since LWD is doing these and not FGG, who knows whether any more of their work will be converted.... I'm up to 186 gods (of the 250+ Greg has tracked) across 15 books and have a boatload work done on landmarks, towns, races and background.  Adventures I tend to get the first 3-4 sessions worth of material entered and then move on as it's not a big deal to expand if players stay and isn't a waste if they move on. It would be wonderful to have all this info entered for me....  ;)

Most of my Stoneheart Valley and Sundered Kingdoms material that I've entered for PF could easily be used for S&W by adding a suitable stat block and possibly alternate encounter text. The links for NPCs and places and things are useful no matter what system you use.

So yes, I think The Blight could be very useful to S&W players. If they release only for PF it will require a bit of manual work on the stat blocks but the interlinkages which are the real beauty of RW are useful right away.

Hello Frogs,

I just got my Realm Works Spotlight Series e-mail and listening to the You Tube video about where they are headed with their Content Market I did non hear Frog God games mentioned, which was seriously disappointing. I hope that you are going to keep working with them and getting all this great Lost Lands material into Realm Works. Please tell me this is ture?


After rereading this thread for the 100th time I decided to buy RW. It look s awesome right away, I am so pumped to start filling this bad boy in. Im going to start with my Lost Lands verison of Stoneheart Valley!

Great to hear! Guarantee you will not be disappointed with the program - they did an amazing job!

Thought I'd post a new screenshot since it's been a while. It gives a glimpse at what is possible if you have a boatload of time and some amazingly good source materials. This is just one of the 2000+ entries I've added so far. And I haven't even touched the mega-dungeons...yet. Thank you, FGG.

This is a partial entry for the King's Road. I have not entered the background/descriptive material for the section of road in the Duchy of the Rampart so this is still very much a work in progress.  The encounter tables are complete but they go on and on so I chopped off half of mundane and all of the dangerous ones.

Of particular note, the righthand column lists all of the links to and from the King's Road.

I really, really, REALLY like how FGG did their random encounters in Borderlands as they created a comprehensive list of encounters which I can link back to from anyplace now. Enter once, re-use as many times as I like.  Nice.  I hope this becomes their standard because it absolutely rocks. Gold star to whomever thought of this presentation.

On the left, you can see a good chunk of the geographical entries from the various FGG books. All of these are on the continent of Akados. Not all have been fleshed out yet as details have not been released for all locations even though they have been mentioned.

In this case, the map is a cut/paste from FGG. I'm replacing all these snippets now with my own version of their map with greater detail. I opted to re-do the world because I want to add in the details from the many modules, flesh out the 50 mile hexes my players explore and be able to update the map as history changes the landscape. I really wish publishers would offer a PhotoShop or Campaign Cartographer file so we can modify them and evolve them to match our imaginations. Maybe someday....  




Still my favourite thread!!! Today I finished my entries for The Stoneheart Valley (excluding The Tomb of Abysthor). Lots more to go!

I've derailed myself as I explore 5e.... And then debate with myself as to whether I dual stat or convert. Ugh!

I would absolutely love to get a few hours alone with your Realmworks, AEIOU. My group and I are also considering sticking with 5e rather than going back to Pathfinder for Stoneheart Valley + Sword of Air, since we all like it better and we can get more done during our sessions. 

I'm glad that The Blight is getting a 5e version; my players are already planning on getting that when it comes out for our use. 

I've mothballed my FGG stuff untill later this summer. Dual statting isn't a viable option and I don't want to dump/replace everything that I've entered for PF so I need to wait for the release of the RW content market so I can create a copy of my PF material and go through and replace it with 5e.

This will be a good thing as it will be another pass which will create better consistency between different books. That's really my only complaint about FGG material is that each publication is slightly different and some material is written by multiple authors with different styles (this is really evident in Bard's Gate if you look at the descriptions for different parts of town).

One of these days maybe I'll do a Hangout session to share my screen and tour through my RW stuff if there's interest and I can carve out the time.

Oh, please, do so, AEIOU. Since I've got you talking, though, I have a question (I can make a new thread if necessary): In Sword of Air, if you've run it, how have you phrased the players doing research in Elise? How many hints have you given to what to do with the Sword?

Please tell me that you will be selling your Pathinfder Lost Lands RealmWorks stuff on the content market!?

This would take some discussion with the Frogs as I can't sell or even give their work away without their permission. Let's see what the marketplace brings and how Razor Coast and the Blight (which was a stretch goal for the KS) look as they will become the gold standard for FGG RW material.

I have not run Sword of Air. It's a solid adventure that I'm going to have to run some day but for now it's another reference doc for my fleshing out of the Lost Lands.

Any chance you guys might be re-releasing City State of the Invincible Overlord updated for Pathfinder? PLEASE?


I found a new deity last night bringing me to 224 and what in the heck is the Path of the Shattered Sword? With those, the geographical and urban areas of the Borderlands are done and join Bard's Gate and Endhome in my pile of completed stuff entered into RealmWorks. I am so looking forward to 5e NPC's to finish up the Bard's Gate NPC entries later this summer.

RealmWorks is an awesome application and has proven to be an invaluable tool in converting my campaign over to the Lost Lands.  The entry of data and the ability to organize it how I like isn't hard and proceeds much faster than I anticipated.  While I'd certainly pay for Lost Lands items in the Content Market once it's available, I'd definitely put it in the "nice-to-have" column.  RealmWorks itself, however, is definitely a "must have" for me.

RW is an indispensible tool for me as a DM. I have converted all of the Northlands to RW, as well as having ported the Book of Lost Spells (that was an intense pain, but soooo worth it!). Now for the Borderland Provinces, seeing as I have a group that wishes to travel to the some trading...a little raiding...a little more raiding.

A bit of thread necromancy here, but I was wondering if anyone had any news about Realmworks and FGG content ? 

I'm about to start running a pathfinder Bard's Gate/Stoneheart Valley/Eventually Slumbering Tsar campaign and was thinking about using Realm Works for it, so I was wondering if there was likely to be content for it I could buy rather than re-typing everything in from my own PDFs...




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Not sure on availability of anything yet; the Content Market is not available yet so who knows?

In regards to typing things... however.  You can copy (from PDF) and paste (into Realm Works), which while tedious for the amount of material, is an order of magnitude easier than typing things out.

I have been running the exact same adventure path sequence for my group this past year and have been eagerly awaiting FGG goodness in the Realm Works content Market. I have used Hexographer to map the whole of Stonehart Valley, at 6 miles per hex and also zoomed in at 1 mile per hex. Let me know if anyone is interested and I can stick the pdfs and even the Hexographer files in a Dropbox shared folder.


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I would definitely like to see them if you don't mind sharing the hexographer files or the PDFs of your maps.

Frog V

I'd like them, too!

I'd be interested in the maps too.  One can never have enough maps.  :)

AEIOU, I looked at your content photo from here and that is what sold me on Realm Works.  Then I realized, "crap, I have to do that...", and I haven't slept yet.  And for some reason, the days off are zipping by.  Gah.