A few Nothland saga questions

I was woundering, are Jarls responsible for provinding their huscarls with equipment, or do they show up full equipped?  Also what level do you recomend they show up at?  I have two players who are planing on become Jarls when the time is right.  Given their current levels, I'm starting to make perperations for that time. 

My current thinking is, starting the Huscarls at levl 3, and maybe the opccasinal level 6 for an exceptianally good roll. 

Equipment wise I'm kinda torn.  On one hand having the PCs pay for their Huscarls's equipment sounds like a good way to siphion off more of their wealth.  But I have the feeing that this may push things too far. 

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The jarl is responsible for equipping any of his huscarls. The huscarls are the backbone of a jarl's fighting force and the jarl's strength and influence is directly tied to the huscarls in his service. Huscarls are professional soldiers and bodyguards to the jarl and are accorded the respect of having their equipment supplied. Personally, I would start the huscarl at level 2, but you should do what works best for your game.

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Thanks that helps a lot zhern. 

I'll have to think on the starting level.  But I think bumping them up a level wouldn't hurt things too much.  Esp since I've already house ruled that the Jarl's Hirth, and Hurcarls supersedes Followers, and Cohorts gained from the Leadership feat.