FASB Longships - Possible hose rule


I'm currently running a Northland saga campain, and I have only a single problem.  The Vehical Construction rules are too unspecific in two areas I want information in ie. Cargo capacity, and cost.  At some point my players are going to want their own Longships built, so I've been bouncing arround in my head the idea of modifying the FASB ship rules for Longships. 

So this is what I came up with.  I'd like some consturctive critisim so I can either improve this hose rule, or scrap it before I start to use it.


Use normal rules with the fallowing changes.

Number of Hull locations: As normal, but a Longship can not place hull locations on top of one another. Longships have only a single deck, plus a small storage area under the deck.

Number of Masts: Longships can only have one (1) mast. Typicaly this is placed in the center of the ship.

Number of Rigging locations: Longships can have up to 1+1/2 the total number of Hull locations (Round down) in rigging locations.

Hulls: Longship hulls can also be built as Standard, Broad, and Sleek. But cost 75% as much, and have only half the hit point value. Weight is also halved.

Rigging: weight and cost as half the listed value. Longships don't use a complicated rigging set up, and typically rely only a single large square sail.


Ability Scores:


Strength (STR)= 30+ ½ the total number of hull locations. This is further modified if it was opted to build a sleek (-4), or Broad (+4) hull.


Dexterity (Dex)= 10+ the number of rigging locations – ½ the number of hull locations (rounded up). A ship's Dex score is further modified by weather you opted to a build Sleek (+4), or Broad (-4) hull.


Movement and speed:

A longship can only travel into the wind [in Irons], or Close Hauled, under oars only.

Special: Longships can change their forward direction, by simply moving the steering board from the rear to the current front. This takes one full round per hull location that the ship is long to complete the maneuver.


Equip your Ship

Hull options: Darkwood, and reinforced Oak are the only two hull materials available for construction. Note the weight, and hit point values are halved as above. Otherwise they fallow the same rules

Weapons: Longships can equip a ships' ram, and no other weapons.

General goods: Rations are the only general good available.

Special Locations: the only special location available are Oars.

No other options in this section are available.


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Fire as She Bears, by the Frogs but for Razor Coast has the best rules for building ships and naval combat I've found.