Deity information (possible spoilers)


I'm looking for some information on a couple of deities I've seen mentioned in a couple of adventures I plan to run soon. I've searched my personal FGG library...for Nergal, I've found good information (although some contradictory). However, for the Queen of Spiders, very little. (Note: All books referenced are the Pathfinder versions.)

Nergal: Has a deity stat block in Dunes of Desolation, which states his domains are Air, Destruction, Evil, and War. However, I've found the following:

- Bard's Gate (new version) p.90: Huun Death Priests (clerics of Nergal) have the Death and War domains.

- Slumbering Tsar p.22: Father Death (cleric of Nergal) has the Death and Trickery domains.

- Slumbering Tsar p.469: Saca-Baroo (cleric of Nergal) has the Death and Evil domains.

- Northlands Saga p.608: Clerics of Nergal have the Death and War domains.

So....he appears to also grant the Death and Tricker domains, which are not mentioned in Dunes of Desolation. So, is Dunes wrong, or are these other sources?


For the Queen of Spiders, I've managed to glean the following:

- Neutral Evil (based on the fact that her clerics have evil auras, but never chaos auras).

- Bard's Gate p.55 (new one): Drow Leader (cleric of Queen of Spiders) has the Darkness and Evil domains.

- Bard's Gate p.188 (new one): Slighted Nikita (cleric of Queen of Spiders) has the Death and Trickery domains.

Rappan Athuk p.446: Zerna (cleric of Queen of Spiders) has the Destruction and Evil domains.

Stoneheart Valley p.102: Dark Natasha (cleric of Queen of Spiders) has the Death and Vermin domains. (Vermin is a new domain given in this adventure.)

So it would seem the Queen of Spiders grants the Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Trickery, and Vermin domains. Is this all correct? If I am wrong about the alignment, and she is chaotic evil, would she also grant the Chaos domain?

Also, the new Bard's Gate book (p.377) introduces the Spider would seem this domain was almost made for this deity!

Finally, I could really use some information on what the Queen of Spider's unholy symbol looks like, as well as her favoured weapon.

(Yes, I get far too deep into this stuff.....)

Thanks in advance!

You are a kindred spirit, sir or madam. Nergal is one I missed from Bard's Gate--I'll have to go reread it. My guess about the Queen of Spiders is its an analog similar to Lolth, since Drow are pretty tied to that because of the existence of a certain Mary Sue dark elf.

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Huh, looks like there are some continuity issues for some gods! Not shocking with how many there are. Maybe they can retcon it so different churches of the diety give different domains. Anyway, one would think the spider queen would get the spider domain but, I've seen time gods without the time domain!

I hope the campaign setting clears some of these mysteries up!