Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms- Alas Co'Nurgral, I knew him well, or did I?


Much to my dismay, I cannot find a stat block for the dreaded Co'Nurgral in the Aberrations adventure. On pg. 223 it gives his hp and CR and directs the reader to Chapter 3 of Aberrations.  I have looked in Chapt. 3, I can find no stat block to one of the major foes of the adventure, no dice amigos. Alas.... If any Froggie can post a stat block for the baddie I would again, be most grateful. Thanks.

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His stat block is on page 54 of the New Monsters chapter.  I had the same problem until someone told me where to find it.

Lol thank you! I feel asleep looking for it, (I blame that cursed Taco Pizza) and when I woke up the book was in my lap and it was strangely open to Chapter 3: Monsters... And I said to myself, "Oh that Chapter 3! Dagnabbit!"