Connecting Scot to RA

My Swords and Wizardry Rappan Athuk campaign kicks off on Thursday (Yay!), and I suddenly have the idea of connecting RA and Tsar in one big fricking campaign.  Unfortunately, I have no idea where to locate Tsar on a campaign map.  How far is it from RA?  How to get there?  Is this even feasible?



You should read this as might give you some hints and ideas...

Original article is gone, but found it on Google cache:

Slumbering Tsar Author Reveals Adventure Creation Tips

Important info is here from Greg article:

"Likewise, Tsar’s development led to the creation of an overall plot for Rappan Athuk, since the two are intimately connected. However, other than the difficulty level of encounters, there is nothing to dictate what order things are done in.

So, a party with some teleport spells could absolutely bounce back and forth between the two. I think that would probably create an even richer gaming experience as the players could see how the relationship between the two unfolds.

In addition, there is at least one magical gate in the lower levels of Rappan Athuk that leads directly to the Hidden Citadel in Tsar. So, they are a natural fit together."


"Alternately, now that Rappan Athuk is being expanded to include play for first-level PCs, you could also have a party cut its teeth for 7 levels on the upper portions of the Dungeon of Graves before heading over to Tsar since they both tie directly together."