Best order to play through adventures?


Out of these books, is there an official or "best" order to run through them? Where one book should come before another?


Rappan Athuk

Slumbering Tsar

Black Monastery

Stoneheart Valley

Lost City of Barakus

Sword of Air


And if there are any other books that should fit in there that are missing. Whats the official word?

If there is a source that someone can point me twords where i can read and find that info, id be happy to.

Thanks much

Hmmm, ok, first let's catagorize each adventure:

Sandbox with campaign ending objective, "adventure journey": Rappan Athuk, Sword of Air

Mega-adventure with wilderness and dungeon elements: Stoneheart Valley, Lost City of Barakus

Classic dungeon crawl with excellent creepy atmosphere: The Black Monastery

"Adventure Path" (similiar to Paizo) + Lost Lands Gazetteer: Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms, Northlands Saga

Slumbering Tsar is unique in that it is all of the above including really cool background story elements. Greg has created the ultimate adventure with all of the classic D&D tropes all in one adventure. It starts at about 8th level because it isn't interested in any whimpy low-leve stuff.

As to order, there is nothing official. Stoneheat Valley + Slumbering Tsar works really well as a complete campaign. It is possible to have Barakus + Sundered Kindgoms + elements from Rappan Athuk & Sword of Air. RA and SOA are best as a part of another campaign where the party can come in and out gather pieces as they go. Possibly use them together to creature the ultimate sandbox of wilderness and dungeon adventures. On the other hand, Northlands Saga will be a complete campaign from 1 to 20 without any additional material. (KS around Sept 1)

Lost Lands adventure material is truly built your campaign.


This helps me, thanks for explaining things. I plan to go ahead and organize things in the manner you lay out. Just wanted to have thungs setup in a way that lays out the big picture in as much of an organized and sensible way as possible.

once again Shadow Frog, thanks for the help :-)

You guys have some really great material, and what i like best of all, is the old school feel. For the love of God, please keep the hardcore, unforgiving and ruthless material coming. I for one will certainly keep buying.

My hats off to you all and thanks for all the hard work you do. 

I imagine you, myself, others in a room full of faceless dungeon masters and referees, swearing allegiance to FGG and the people who have an email account thereabouts.  "You have my wallet."  "And mine."  "And my kids college fund."  "And my 'I quit drinking beer' money."  Kirk Douglas would be there, too.  But he would just give up, and sit down...

Well said, sir!