After Lost City?


Lost City is designed to be levels 1-5. Is there a book covering the next levels or are we on our own at that point?

Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms (our upcoming KS) provides a gazetteer detailing the central portion of the Sinnar Coast Region (south of Endhome) and includes a 6-part adventure path for levels 3-12+. The AP actually begins on the road outside of Endhome along the Gaelon River.

It is not intended as a direct sequel to Barakus (hence it starts at level 3 and Barakus is for levels 1-5), but it actually works very well as a follow up to Lost City if you want to explore that region further.

Another really good option when you are done with Barakus is to transition north and start your PCs through Rappan Athuk. It can easily accommodate a party of 5th-level characters walking in off the street.

If your PCs get up to 7th level (maybe by heading to Stoneheart Valley and go through a few levels of The Tomb of Abysthor), then your PCs are in perfect position to start The Slumbering Tsar Saga which runs from levels 7-20+.

And, of course, you can always plug in whatever old NG or non-NG adventures you'd like to run (FGG's Mires of Mourning is for 6th level, so it works well level-wise as a follow up).

So while there is not a specific sequel per se, there are a lot of options from FGG (and others) that would work for you, including the Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms KS which should be launching as soon as we ship the books from the Quests of Doom KS (currently at the printer) with a delivery date this summer (the book itself is already written, so all we're waiting for on it is the final art to come in--and the launching of the KS of course).

PS - If you can make it to either Paizo Con in late May or North Texas RPG Con this June, I'll be running a preview sesson from Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms as a game there. It is called Shades of Yellow and is in the list of events on their website at and should be posted for Paizo Con soon, if you're interested in a preview like that.

I'll also be running a preview from The Northlands Saga Complete (called Raven Banners Over Gatland) at both as well, which is the KS we will launch after Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms.

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Good news about Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms. A bunch of new info that I had not yet heard. Looking forward to that KS! And it's  already written you say? Very exciting.


Indeed already written. We're just waiting on the last few pieces of art.

I'll be at NTRPG this year and looking forward to playing Shades of Yellow. Would it be possible to bring my own Character to play (pending your approval)? Thx! - Patrick

Absolutely. I'll have pre-gens available but they won't be required for Shades. When you register for the game, you can just e-mail me a copy of the character sheet and I'll look it over to make sure it's all good.

Thanks so much. Sounds great. I'll email you next week after registrations for the games open and I've signed up.

Sounds good. :-)

Gee I wonder if I should back this KS.  Hmmm.  'course!  how silly of me.


On a similar note, please don't make the same mistake TSR did with Greyhawk way back when.  Don't dish out crunch about your campaign world piecemeal.

I want my sourcebook, and i wan't it now.  Well, maybe not now but, soonish? :-)

Campaign setting is in the works, gondolin. The plan is for a 2016 release. We'll keep doing the piecemeal stuff in the meantime because we want to be able to play in our setting while the campaign guide is being made, but it will all fit together and play nice. :-)

I sorta knew you guys would come through, but wanted  you to say it.  I am very happy and impatient about the 2016 release, though it is a long way off. :-(

Do you have any idea about the page count your want to publish?

Not really. The plan is to do two books. One will be the campaign setting gazetteer in a system neutral format so there will be only one version that applies to both Pathfinder and Swords & Wizardry, ensuring that the core world information will be the same for both rules system (The opening two chapters of the Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms will be similar to how this will look, though not identical). It will be a smaller book with a lower price point to increase the accessibility of entry into a Lost Lands campaign.

The second book will be rules specific stuff for Pathfinder. If it would be useful for a Sword & Wizardry game, we will make a S&W version as well, but a lot of the types of rules flavor PF can add might have no relevance at all in S&W, so that'll be a game time decision to see if we need to do a S&W version as well. I don't know if this second book will be larger, smaller, or roughly the same size as the first. I also don't know what "smaller book with a lower price point" (meaning page numbers) means yet, because we're just not that far along. It'll be big enough to give a general description to every nation/locale listed on the continent of Akados maps however many pages that takes, plus will include history, timeline, geographical, and deity information.

My guess: it'll be larger than Gary's old Greyhawk Folio but smaller than Paizo's Inner Sea World Guide.

We are also looking at the option of making a box for it to hold the gazetteer and maps that will just happen to be large enough to hold the second book as well if you decide you want that. But if we can do it as a boxed set, the "official" boxed set we sell will only come with the gazetteer and maps in it. You'd have to buy the second book and put it in there yourself. We can't have some boxed sets prepacked with one book and some with both books without our costs and financial risk (how many to make of each?) just exploding. But if the box can accommodate both books and you just buy the second book separately if you want it and not if you don't, then we thought that'd be a good way to get around that sort of issue.

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I see no one replied to this but I wanted to take a moment and say I think your bigger box is a GREAT idea.  Though I can't imagine anyone not buying the second book at least this gives them the option to save money and then perhaps buy it at a later time.

Very much looking forward to 2016 and seeing this Campaign Setting come to life!  I'm actually already running a campaign in it but would still love to see more detail.


Greg, any chance of some HeroLab love with the setting? Deities and ethnicities at least? I've been adding them slowly but one big, supported file would make us super happy. :)

We'll certainly consider it. That's a part of a lot of stuff that we'll have to sort out as we go.

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Hero Lab support greatly increases the chances I buy take the chance on something I'm otherwise on the fence for.