Rappan Athuk for 5E


The KS for Rappan Athuk in 5E is set to start on or about March 1.


okay, let's form the line :)

Let's do this :)

I will repeat my request for EU friendly kickstarters. Everyone else is doing it, so the Frogs must be able to as well.


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In a matter of minutes the Kickstarter for the conversion of Rappan Athuk, The Dungeon of Graves is set to begin.

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Okay since the KS is up, I have a quick question.  The soft cover add on adventures, will these be included with the PF/SW softcover, or will these only be avalible in 5ed?

My understanding of the KS text tells me that softcover add-on adventures will be 5e only.

The tables have turned. At one time, during the Blight KS, a 5e conversion required a certain funding goal. This new material originates in 5e so my guess is that it may be availiable in PF/S&W as a stretch goal. Or not...

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Go, baby, go! Get $300,000!

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The final countdown has begun. Pledge now!

$122,906 pledged of $30,000 goal

1,320 backers

3 days to go

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$129,917 pledged of $30,000 goal

1,429 backers

48 hours to go

We are a bunch of fans here in Germany. We will get the book in hardcopy with the help of a german online retailer to cut costs in shipping. My question now is: is there any chance we could get our hands on the pdf, aside from just ordering it in the kickstarter?

So I'm a huge fan of RA but not really a consistant Kickstarter user so I didn't keep a close enough eye on it and so I missed the Kickstarter.

Will you be publishing the PDF outside of Kickstarter once it's done? and if so is there a general ETA for that?

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The print version will availaible in August. My guess is the PDF will be ready for general consumption no later than that time. Actually, the PDF should be ready but it is matter of Zach setting it up for sale on the website.

Tsar 5E next, because they're a team, damnit.

...and, GO!