5e Slumbering Tsar and Rappan Athuk?

I know they would be colossal undertakings, but is there any chance either of these will be updated for 5e one day?

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Great reply. Thank You

Just saw this. Umm:-)

I am glad you're considering separate additions to big titles when doing new versions. I would prefer to buy additions to existing titles in Pathfinder or S&W format over completely overhauled new 5E versions.

Cyclopean Deeps vol.3,  Rappan Athuk expansions vol.2 etc would be appealing.

Just chiming in, a S&W version would be cool as well. Colored Maps for RA=Win glad that will be seperate buy, if I understood the video correctly. *hands over wallet* Do what you will with it!

Probably early to ask, but will the VTT maps be gridless? That's my biggest issue when using VTTs trying to align grids with the tool and the grid image already on there.

The biggest issue with promising an SW version along-side 5e Rappan Athuk is that it wasn't that long ago. If the Map Project shows enough demand we could be convinced but I can't make promises on behalf of the rest of the Frogs.

It is not too early to give you an idea of what we are looking at.. the 90% likely outcome is this...

1 Ultra high resolution PDF for each map with a grid layer that can be turned on or off on using the functionality of the reader software. These are going to be immense files designed to be digital projector ready. The will also be sized for prints big enough for 28mm miniatures to use (printed in pieces as even most commercial printers will be too small). Probably will also include a layer that has all the GM info on a toggle (keyed rooms, map elements etc). This allows for image exports of either grid or grid free player and GM maps..

2. Printed map folio will contain the 120+ maps. All printed at 8.5 x 11, on high quality paper. On the reverse each will have the corrosponding players' map, so 240+ maps on 120 sheets of paper.

3. In addition to the huge PDF files we are PROBABLY going to have a pack of Fantasy Grounds, Roll20 sized map kits. Divided up by level or group of related levels. Meaning we will have the sized correctly as files and cropped appropriately for that purpose. We have some skilled people who know both FGG and FantasyGrounds who will be advising and producing this.

Maybe also large poster overview maps of RA and Wilderlands.

This is all still in late planning stage so it could change. So I insist there be no accountability for my words here :)

Zach, Frog God

No accountability shall be had and thank you for the update.

I and my players use Roll20 ourselves and they got super excited when I told them about this. As for the S&W bit it's understandable. It's not like we don't have a mountain of other FGG S&W to go through. We do have plans of starting our RA run after we complete Barakus here so we are looking forward to shiny new color maps.

No problem, glad to hear they are excited. One question for you since you promised no accountability:)

So if you play on Roll20 the tokens, maps and the color art from RA5e would be useful still as a digital package for your game, even if we did not print new color books, wouldn't they? Do they sell kits like that of those items on the R20 market for something as extensive as RA?

Zach, Frog God

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My group of six uses Roll20 weekly and play exclusively FGG stuff (one look at my account can attest to that). I have spent countless hours creating Roll20 maps for Slumbering Tsar to be used for that medium. Rappan Athuk Roll20 maps would be daunting as a task even for a team of three but the gaming result is worth it. What Roll2o sells are some premade tokens (in sets done by third party) and maps that can be inserted quickly. The trouble is that these can be found on any google search, converted to PNG files easily and inserted into the game table by anyone even with minimum knowledge. Heavy encryption will be necessary for FGGs to protect the work. These PDFs will be bought just to save the extensive time needed but can also easily be taken directly off the PDFs which we purchased with the modules, cut out using Snipping Tool and imported into Roll20 without issue now. It is a time saver only but for maps that are not needing dynamic lightning (non tactical maps), it would be a misuse of manpower. Gamers by nature are an intelligent and highly creative group with a vast collective of people willing to share information and other things. They are highly computer literate and normally reasonably educated lot. If you are looking for the next big FGG thing, spend time completing your long overdue world and the maps to go with it. Rappan Athuk is a great place many have played in for decades and would be like dusting off Keep on the Border Lands and hoping that has resale value. The business world motto of expand or die comes to mind here. My group and I have loved our FGG game stuff, all of it. We want it to succeed and watching it attempt to cater to yet another game system while trying a juggling act with a limited staff and crew is taking away from the core group of long term people who helped the company along. Clearly Wizards and the group of 5th Ed players have a limited capacity to write modules and provide interesting old school stuff or they wouldn't be bugging FGGs to do it in the first place. It would cost a lot less for them to come to either S&W or Pathfinder than it would for you to sink under, unable to provide the same excellent work which built the company in the first place. This post may not be popular but I am not really in the habit of telling others I rolled a nat 1 when the nat 20 is clearly sticking out of the edges of my screen.

Aye, I would buy a pdf version of the book and or just the maps. Rip the maps out and save as .JPGs then upload them to roll20 and size the maps accordingly to token size.

For tokens I usually use the full body color tokens. Other people use just headshot tokens with little circle or square emblems around them. Some use the top down view 3D ones. Myself I've honestly just been buying the Pathfinder tokens and cropping the white backgrounds out to make them transparent so there isn't blocks of white space outside the actual token. Lot of work, but looks nice and pretty when they are done.

As far as what Roll20 offers they do Modules,Game Add Ons, Tokens, Maps, and tiles. I don’t buy a whole lot of their stuff to be perfectly honest because I can find better at other sites. So essentially I use your guys maps, handouts, artwork, and story. For the token style I like which for the most part is pathfinder junk I buy a pdf of just tokens which could be player type tokens or bestiaries. For objects I just go to google find a table/chairs/glowy fire skull etc... and do kind of the same process of uploading it to an art program cropping it and making it transparent .png files then uploading it to Roll20.

There are adventures that you buy and all the labor is done for you just purchase it and the maps, sizing, tokens, and lighting is all done for you.

If you want I’d be happy to show you a rundown of what I do when I run one of your guys games on Roll20 and whats involved when working with your maps and some token management.

Also I think you are talking about making a pre-prepped ready to go RA version on Roll20/other VTT programs. RA is pretty meaty especially if you include the expansion vol. 1, but there are adventure paths there I just don't think anything as big as RA is on there.  This is probably one of the bigger one's they have https://marketplace.roll20.net/browse/bundle/5/tales-from-the-yawning-portal

If you had something already prepped and bundled and ready to go like RA, I would buy it. The only thing left on my side would be is I might redo the tokens or add a maps in that weren't in the book already, but I am pretty anal about that :P Most people would probably play it as is.  Doing the maps with dynamic lighting, handouts, art would be a godsend and literally many hrs would be saved this way and worth the money. I spend more time doing maps with lighting and tokens than anything else on a Virtual Table top.

Hey thank you. I appreciate the reply. We are taking VTTs seriously on future projects and this comes up when its discussed, so the feedback matters.




To chime in here - I don't use VTT - I do use a projector at the table even if we are drawing maps.  I've also (when they aren't insane sized) used player maps and posterazor to print out battle maps and make a nice big playable map.  I can show pics if interested.

What I'm saying - is that maps used in VTT games (that can turn off secret doors and traps and such) are high value to me and the *single* reason I subscribe to the pazio adventure path line, it is the part of the product that pushes the value over the top.

Many groups also use projectors straight onto the table - or even custom tables with hd tv's under the table to display maps on - so your market for the maps isn't just VTT's - now as to the rest of it (packaged up and such) I can't speak - but the maps for sure are very very desired.

No problem at all. Let me know if you got anymore questions. Be more than happy to answer them.

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Our group has really looked hard at using Roll20 software in conjunction with our in-person live games.  Basically, go with either a projector or a HD TV (set up, screen upwards in a custom table, with a sheet of glass/plexi-glass over top of it).  

One of the clients is the DM/GM who controls the action.  That person needs the subscription to Roll20, for dynamic lighting and lines of sight (the main reason for wanting to using these tools).  At least one player would also be connected to the game.  That player would have their laptop output going to either the projector or the HD TV screen.  So the screen can show, in turn, whoever is next and what they can see from where they're standing.

Some of the Roll20 options look neat.  You can have a bar beside a token, and configure it to be green - yellow - orange - red, depending on percentage of maximum hit points, with the bar getting shorter as hit points deplete.  That shows relative health, without needing the abstraction of hit points - although those could easily be displayed as well.

People could play Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds or MapTools (or another VTT) as an internet distance game, but they can also use the tools for a home campaign, just to show the area of a fireball or exactly what the gnome (60 ft. low-light vision) can see, while holding a torch in comparison to what the dwarf (60 ft. darkvision) can see, and the monsters say a drow (120 ft. darkvision), or whatever...

Just keeping the dream alive.

So when do we get Slumbering Tsar S&W? its been 2 years. Soon please!

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I'll check. I can't make any promises but it has been discussed. 

Frog V

I would kill someone for you to get Rappan Athuk and Slumbering Tsar for 5e. And if you don't need anyone killed I would throw money at you.


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Rappan Athuk 5e is in progress. We're currently playtesting it every other Thursday night on twitch.tv/froggodgames. I don't have an ETA on it, but it is in progress. If it does well then I'm sure we'll consider additional conversions from the back catalog. Tome of Horrors 5e is also coming along with some cool new IPs that I think everyone will really like.

Frog V

If you ever get around to testing Area 7. "Darrogs Ruffians" - please let me know

That was the last encounter I ran for Pathfinder - as the party so effortlessly dealt with the entire area with only 2 PCs 2 levels under the Bosses level (Darrog & Zozunar).

I couldnt believe it! 

I just saw this, and have already watched a few of the twitch streams. I cannot explain how excited I am.

I'd love to see Rappan Athuk on the Fantasy Grounds VTT.  I plan on converting it when it comes out (having converted other settings)..should be a blast to run once it's finished.  

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I can save you some work. Rappan Athuk 5e will have Fantasy Grounds support.

Frog V

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I watched the Twich video that Zach posted this morning in regards to the Rappan Athuk maps. Looks great and will be really cool to see as I run my digital maps from a projector to the tabletop giving me a map area of 30" x 48". Question though. It was mentioned that Roll 20 and Fantasy Grounds would be supported, although I run d20pro (being part of their kickstarters as well). D20pro has also worked out an agreement with WotC to bring 5th Edition to their platform. Will the layers that Zach was showing off work with d20pro? Has anyone talked to them? I have the original Pathfinder Rappan Athuk maps for d20pro that were done quite a while back.

I recently bought the S&W RA, while I really play AD&D vs 5e, I will probably get the new 5E RA for the art etc, assuming I can swing it at the time it KS's. Otherwise, will have to wait for a good sale in future (as I am not intending to RUN it in 5e form)

I signed up hard for the VTT maps however - love them and the idea.

I have heard nothing but good about TSAR, as I indicated when the PF version was on clearance, I'd totally be into buying it should it go S&W version. (I mainly convert to AD&D on fly with minor reworking when a key moment or NPC if it is called for.

I am just about to pledge for the 5e RA Kickstarter.  Super excited for it.  If Tsar was in 5e I would buy it in a heartbeat.  Very tempted by that clearance for the Pathfinder version though...