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Wizard Amulet/Stoneheart Valley talk about the city of Reme, a port city. Fairhill is supposed to be about halfway between Reme and Bard's Gate. In the Akados Region map, Fairhill and the Stoneheart Valley appear about halfway between Bard's Gate and a city called Fareme, which is landlocked.

I understand that there have been some geographical changes as things were ported over from single adventures to a cohesive campaign setting? Is this one of those changes? Is Fareme the erstwhile city of Reme, and the ocean has dried up? Or am I missing something?

Yes, Reme became Fareme. The explanation is that Fareme is the outside limit of the Duchy.  This was a compromise to keep the text of Stoneheart matching the size of the Lost Lands and the new maps.

Reme will be coming in a supplement some day supposedly.

where did you get that info?  Last email I got is that Reme is NOT Fareme.  Unless the ocean dried up of they decided it was no longer a port city.  This I got about 18 monts ago.

Reme is not Fareme. What I intended to clarify was that Fareme is what is referred to in Stoneheart Valley when Reme is stated in order to make the maps work with the older material. Reme is a port city. It has not been detailed in any of their work to date. Fareme is a city on the plains on the border of the Duchy.

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I also have heard from one of the Frog's writers first hand that Fareme and Reme are two different places, and that Reme itself is still the port city of scheming princes (I used to be obsessed with Reme and put into my homebrew version of The Lost Lands).  The current plans are to include Reme at some point in the campaign setting or as a larger supplement.

Greg has said that Reme will get a bit of detail in the Campaign Setting. I've been playing it as if the French from the 15th century took over Ancient Rome, and play a game of masks where the merchant princes duel with words and influence.

We can finally get a image of the relation between Reme and The Stoneheart Valley with the new world map available in the Humble Bundle!