Who has games this weekend?

I'm running mine in the Stoneheart Valley...and they'll probably end up going back to Bard's Gate...but I want to give them reason to head to the SV Dungeon.


I'm actually having two: though both via pbp.  One s crossover Bards Gate's Crommlen's ghosts with personal campaign exploring PCs backgrounds and resonate stories. Me as DM. 5ed.

The other is as single player in what I suppose is going to turn soon into Castle Ravenloft! Also 5ed



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My Northland Saga game is played (just about) every Thursday.  Curently, I'm getting them ready for NS4:Blood on the snow.  I'm hopeing we'll get it finished befre we go on the holidy season hiatus. From Thanksgiving to the thursday fallowing new years. 


The other game I belong to is currently dissrupted due to scedualling conflits.  It's set in Bard's Gate, and run by someone else.  Typically that game is played every other weekend, real life permiting. 

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Tonight we're having our annual Halloween one shot where I get the rare chance to be a player. It's a Call of Cthulhu module by John Wick where we all play German S.S. agents in North Africa trying to extract diamonds from a mine to pay for the war effort. I'm sure everything will be just fine.


After which, we return to our regularly scheduled Slumbering Tsar game that I'm running. Our heroes have just endured a long night in the Dead Fields with some dwarves and come to the conclusion that they are in over thier heads. Now they plan to make a trip back to Bard's Gate to resupply. Considering that the last time they were in town they broke up a major slave trading organization, the remnants of the slavers will make sure that this will be much more than a routine shopping trip.

Tonight my Sword of Air players will encounter Camp Crystal Lake and it's famous inhabitant using several rules from Horror Adventures. Otherwise I run The Blight on every other friday, Starfinder on the other friday, and a kind of Sword of Air game on Sundays. I say kind of because we've been playing 9+ months and haven't even went to Sorten's Tower yet due to the characters not being as strong as they would like yet. It's  mostly been homebrew adventures and some of the smaller disconnected ones for the region.

My game is actually on Wednesday, rather than the weekend; last week, they finished up dealing with stuff in Crimmor and are now trying to decide whether they want to go back to Bard's Gate to try to preserve some really old scrolls, or continue on to Fairhill to deal with other stuff.

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Our group plays almost every weekend, usually meeting up Saturday for lunch at a nearby casual restaurant (like a Denny's, Ricky's, Whitespot type), and then plays from 2pm to midnight.

At the moment, we're between Frog God Adventures... Our previous adventure was Rappan Athuk, which ran for close to two years.  We are currently in the midst of (AAW's) Rise of the Drow; the party is roughly halfway through the main book, having completed the prelude as well, and having the epilogue for after the main book.  I believe we recently hit 10th level.

We have recently gone semi-high tech for gaming; we play face to face, but are using a virtual table top (VTT) called d20Pro to display the battlemap onto a 42" HDTV which we've built into a 4' x 8' plywood table.  Basically the laptop runs several instances of d20Pro (Mesa Mundi), with each instance only showing the visibility of a given character.  The VTT has vision range (darkvision, underground currently) along with line of sight blockers.  Realm Works (Lonewolf Development) is the campaign management tool, which has a "Player View" for sharing handouts and pictures of what the characters see, or revealing what they call "Snipets" for monster knowledge checks and the like.  Syrinscape has background sets of sound, called "Moods".  We still use Hero Lab (Lonewolf) for character creation and to export monsters/adversaries into both d20Pro and Realm Works.  It is quite different, with what characters can actually see displayed.

Honestly, I'm itching to run another Rappan Athuk, with the current kickstarter maps... but one of the players really did not like that running off without your party to engage monsters alone or exploration alone usually resulted in quick deaths.  For the last dozen sessions he was extremely negative about the module, and we eventually ended it early because he wasn't enjoying it (he disliked that stupid actions resulted in death; hardly the fault of the module).  I've got more than half of RA, completely unseen by the group.  Maybe tie it into either Slumbering Tsar or Sword of Air... especially with the VTT maps, so nothing has to be drawn on Tact Tiles.

Rise of the Drow will run for a lot of sessions.  After that, one of my players wants to run 22 sessions of scenarios.  Start at 1st level, with an objective, and level up at the end of the session.  Then at 20th, have an objective that will be 2-3 sessions of play.

While that runs, I'll prepare... The Blight.

I'm playing with Greg Vaughan tomorrow night.

Ugh, that's not fair. I admit, however, that if I did have a session with him, I'd probably spend it picking his brain for details about the setting that I have questions about.


Like, what's the Black Monolith about? I have my own theory, but I'm not sure if its correct or not.