I am new to the Lost Lands and am looking for some maps. I have purchased the Borderland Provinces and the Adventures in the Borderland Provinces and am very impressed. However, I am looking for a world map that includes the other published areas. I will eventurally be picking up the other 5E versions of the setting books but would like to be able to see the Borderland Provinces in context to the rest of the world. Does such a map exisist? If so where can I get it?



Hi Ed.  There is no world map, as of yet.  It's likely to be in the Lost Lands campaign setting, but my understanding is that the setting is a year or more away from being published.

If you're running Borderland Provinces, though, you're in luck.  There is a corresponding map for that, available in PDF or poster, and east of Borderlands is the Sinnar Coast region, which has a map available, too.  Just north of the Borderland map is the Gulf of Akados, which has a map available, and its primary city, Bard's Gate, has its own map, as well.  Lastly, the Northlands has a map, but my understanding is it is quite a bit disconnected from the Borderlands region, so you wouldn't necessarily need that yet.

Hope that helps!

This is a great help and will alow me to cobble something together. Which area has a desert, there is not one in the Boarderlands and I have seen something on one of the maps I found online? 

The northeastern part of the Gulf of Akados map has a desert on it.  That's the only one that I'm currently aware.

Thanks that is what I am thinking of using. 


Hi Ed! 

Wellcome to the comunity of fans awaiting the "big picture". 

As catholicfan has already stated, the map you are looking ofr is currently "work in progress". There is, however, a rather extensive explanation of how things are going to click together by the very designer of the Campaign Setting, Greg Vaughn along with Matt Finch. There are two Youtube videos, if you are interested. 

Here is the link to the first video, which will take you to the second one. I really enjoyed them.


I enjoyed those videos, but it's endlessly frustrating, because even though Greg shows the map, it's not visible at all. I've been tempted to rip out the video and try to modify it so I can get a glimpse of it.

Sorry about that richard.anthony. It's a pencil-drawn map, so I was afraid it wouldn't show up. Didn't mean to be a tease. :-)

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I have a serious lack of ability to concentrate on videos... just can't do it. I would love a blog post... and a really rough map of where all the things fit in. I totally understand it would be imperfect but just knowing where the blight is in relation to khemit, northlands, borderlands, gulf of akados etc would be awesome.

I'd settle for a continental outline...

I also find it difficult to stay focused during videos but with what they tell you in theses ones you could be able to do the sketch yourself. Still, if you've bought the Sinnar Coast/Gulf of Akados Maps, or have the ones from the Borderland Provinces I could try to walk you through with the general indications.