Lycanthropy and the Moons

I will be starting a Lost Lands campaign in a couple of weeks. I was hoping to find out how lycanthropy works in the Lost Lands (since there are two moons).

I was also wondering if there has been anything stated yet on how long it takes each moon to go through a complete phase (new moon to new moon)?

On a semi-related note, are there names for the two festival days in each month? I can't find anything on the subject yet. :(

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Lunar phases are 28 days, except the dark moon goes bye bye every so often. Lycanthropy seems to be tied to the main moon. The festival days are named somewhere, but I'll need to check my docs somewhere. If I'm wrong Greg will correct me.


Monkebutz2 is correct. The primary moon (Narrah, or The Pale Sister) has a regular lunar cycle of 28 days that cycles through 13 times throughout the year. From it is derived some of the earliest calendars of the Lost Lands that comprise 13 lunar months. On the continent of Akados, Castorhage (aka The Blight) is the only major society that still uses a 13-month calendar, the rest having adopted the 12-month method of Hyperborea.

The lesser moon Sybil (or The Dark Sister) has a much longer and more erratic lunar cycle that has not yet been codified.

Lycanthropy is tied to Narrah. There may, in fact, be some special connection between the Dark Sister and lycanthropy, but we have not revealed this yet.

Moonless Night is, as monkebutz2 described, a random night each month when Narrah mysteriously disappears and is associated with invasions of subterranean horrors called the Nocturnals and possibly has some connection with the cult of Shupnikkurat which is also indirectly connected with the goddess Cybelle, who personifies the Dark Sister.

The many, many monthly festivals, High Holy Days, and assorted other special days will all be listed in the Campaign Setting. I've got all of that about 85% developed and will complete it during the writing and development of the campaign setting itself.


Rumor has it that there may be more information about the strange moons of the Lost Lands in the upcoming Ashes of Empires.  


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