The Lost Lands: The Blight


The Frog God Games site lists the game system options for this product as being Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, and 5th Edition. The Kickstarter page only lists Pathfinder and Swords & Wizardry. Will there be a 5th Edition version? Thanks :)

Never mind. They give the answer in the UndeadVikingVideos interview.

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Ok, Lets kick off The Blight post-Kickstarter with some more conversations about The Blight

Hah! Hello chums, that was great fun, thank you kindly. I think I've got over the withdrawal.

OK we're (that is, Al, mostly) looking at the races subsection just now, which was one of the first sections I tackled in 2009. I've revised the section on human sub-races which works much better than the original, and Al is playing about with the mechanics of it now. It's odd looking back - particularly as I was tackling the kickstarter update pages - how much work the early sections needed. When I started, the Blight had a seperate summary gazetteer which was the first thing I tackled, that's needing revision. For any budding writers out there it's very interesting to look back with disapproval at what you wrote several years ago and scour it to the bone.

Happy to go with any discussions here now chums, just bear in mind we're still a little fluid on a few parts as they get hardened up, the classes, for example, will need more work.

Huzzah! Onwards!



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I'm excited to share this new setting with my unsuspecting players. To tide me over until then I picked up your novel 'Crooked'. Great stuff. Since the setting is obviously inspired by the novel, or vice versa, will we be seeing Reborn as playable races or aquired templates?


Yep Jeremy, Reborn and the elixir form part of the Blight setting; they've inevitably been roped back to make them playable but they're there:) They're also set back with the GM to decide how he wants to use them, so if you want to make them more common you can, it's a curse as well as a blessing to some - I'd say a total curse, but others might disagree, her majesty for example... 

For those who don't know what the Dickens we're talking about, please pick up a copy of Crooked to find out;)

And thank you kindly, once I've got a building project out of the way this year I'll be back there, probably as a collection of 13 short stories and then a novel about ghouls. If you can, I'd be grateful if you would put a review up, they all help and who knows who's out there looking in.






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Hi Rich,

Will healing magic affect the Returned?

Also, will we see Wildfire?

Cant wait to have this in my hands!

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I am very excited to see this come to life. Thanks so much. When can we expect backerkit?

Just finished re-writing the Crucible and sent it on to Greg. Oooo, that ending is soooooo nasty....


Heh heh 

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Hey, Mr Pett, what are the chances that you might show up at the North Texas RPG Con in Fort Worth Texas in June?

I'd love to gofo, my sister lives in Texas but I'm over here in jolly Blighty and the current Pett exchequer won't stretch to the airfare I'm afraid. Gaming in the US is always great fun and I'm determined to come back over someday, when I was at Paizocon 2013 it was a total and utter blast:) 


I just found out about this new campaign you guys are making and it sounds awesome. my only question is if the price that is listed right now for the hard cover going to be the final price? if it is it might be a little out of my price range.

Any info on backer kit for this?  Almost a month ago you posted it would be out within a week and havent had any updates since then.  Would love an update!

It was posted that the backer kit would be out in a week on January 30th, and it's now nearing March a month later. This was my first kickstarter backing, so I'm not as up-to-speed on what goes into the second stage of the process, but it concerns me a touch when it's said we'll have stuff out in a week and a month later there's been no word.

Would somebody please update? What's happening? I'd really appreciate some words from FGG on the goings-on here.

Getting anxious for this.  If you need help on the 5e end, I'm available!

Over a month since the last update.  I understand you guys have a lot going on, but it would really make all of us feel a lot better if you gave us SOME indication of a timeline for the backer kit.  You have our money.  As your backers, you owe us an update.  

Update by Matthew Finch on the Paizo boards today about 2 pm:

"No worries, everyone. Programming the BackerKit is something that's easy to screw up, so we do it carefully -- and we have been too crazy busy with fulfilling the other Kickstarters to be comfortable with what we've got programmed into BackerKit for the Blight so far*. That said, we're behind our planned schedule on the BackerKit, I believe, so it's a valid point and we apologize if it causes a problem for anyone.

For those who are first-time backers of a Kickstarter, please be aware that delays with BackerKit are administrative, and don't have anything to do with actual production of the books, which is proceeding apace. As noted above, the books are already written, etc.

*BackerKit requires us to physically input what becomes an integrated system of products, postage, and discounts. It's like an interactive spreadsheet from the creation side. Just the typing and button-pushing takes a while, and then it requires us to troubleshoot each pledge level to make sure the backer sees all the appropriate add-ons with any applicable discounts. If we forget to include an add-on in the system, it can cause us to face larger postage costs, and we end up having to tell people to go back in and add the add-on into their orders. Some people obviously never get/read that message, which leads to people not getting the right combination of products. It's an extremely useful system, and works better than trying to do it by hand, but it's still vulnerable to human error, so we try to be very careful with it as a tool."

Stretchable missing from the backerkit.

Hi guys before I start this all thestretchgoals are missing from the backerkit. Is this being fixed. I wanted the map folio and monster folio. 


Umm, second that..

Items missing:

  • The Blight Map Folio
  • Horror in the Sinks
  • The Blight Player's Handbook
  • The Crooked Nail
  • The Children of the Harvest
  • The Tome of Blighted Horrors
  • The Blight: Pathologies

I would really like to know what's going on with these stretch goal add-ons because, well, I'd like to add them on...

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I third this concern and query. I sent a message via the Contact US link.

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Hey folks, during the kickstarter y'all indicated that we'd be able to add non-blight items to our order to take advantage of our flat rate box. I'd really really like to be able to pick up a gulf of Akados hard copy map without paying 20+(canadian) for shipping alone, for example, so it would be nice if I could attach it to my Blight order and take advantage of that box I'm paying $100 to ship... I'd also gladly grab a copy of borderlands provinces and stoneheart valley if they were available to shove in there (and there was room) but the map at the very least would be a nice add-on... even if nothing else. I own the pdf but it just isn't the same.


Just finished reading Crooked, loved it.  I'm, now, really hoping that a desolate plateau can be included somewhere in the lost lands as home for the devilblind.  



And, it made me even more impatient for The Blight.

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Mr Pett, if you ever get a chance to read this there is a question about the location of Castorhage in another thread.

I'd love to order a copy of this, but it's "out of stock."  Kind of eager.  Out of all the stuff, it looks the most interesting.

I'm pretty sure its not finished as far as layout, etc, unfortunately. It'll probably show up as available once that comes up.

Any chance we could get an update on the progress of this kickstarter?  It looks like the last update on the Kickstarter website that actually has to do with the progress on the blight was back in April.

With delivery supposed to happen next month thats a little concerning?  It seems like looking through some of your other project time lines that once writing and layout are done and the books are at the printers its still several months from delivery.  Can we get an updated timeline?

I feel that it's probably going to be delayed. I didn't get to back it, as much as I would have liked to, but given Mr. Wright's situation as both layout and art director, it will probably be pushed back. 

I was wondering if 5e actually is going to happen for The Blight? I couldn't find anywhere that confirms that.

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Greg just posted a huge update on the Blight. Here is the link.

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I tried to send an e-mail to the errata address, but I got a message saying, "ffgerrata cannot be found at" The Fifth Edition version of The Blight refers to clerical domains which do not exist in 5e.  Also, it says, "See below" for Beast Domain, but I can't find any Beast Domain below.

@Don maybe that should be fggerrata?

@Anyone in Europe who received their box already...what value was on it for customs/ import duty? Was it marked as Books?


Thanks in advance - need to have cash lying around for the postman soon - the package has landed in Europe!

The Beast landed today - well packed and a gorgeous tome! Very very pleased with it!
(To answer my own question, my package had a value of $180 and was unfortunately declared as a video game console instead of a book, so customs was another €50. :(