Re-Establishing Justicars

Potential Spoiler Alert

Alright, I asked a question several days ago and got a great resonse.  So, I'll try it again.

In the ST Saga, at the very end it is mentioned that the means of re-establishing the order of Justicars is provided in The Tomb of Abysthor but I can't find any details with regard to that.  The best I can piece together is that there are no more Justicars left and if someone wanted to be ordained, they would need to do something significant such as freeing Abysthor.  Is that the "means" implied?  Also mentioned is a recommendation that no priests of necessary level exist to ordain, so rescuing Abysthor would resolve that.  However, if you rescue Abysthor...isn't he going to be significantly lower level due to the nature of the rescue?  That seems like a problem.  Maybe wish or greater restoration can restore those levels...

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I'd say that he'd probably offer to ordain any characters, if any PC's are willing/able to aid him. 

Also there's also the possibility that the party, might make a good argument against Abysthor killing himself to destroy the artifact.  Provided that there are enough party members qualified, and willing to make this sacrifice. 

Spoiler Alert.


The Tomb of Abysthor does contain a way to ordain a paladin as a Justicar--the ghost of Flail. If you venture into the Tomb, and find Flail, he offers to ordain any paladins of Muir as a Justicar. For my purposes, I put a "You can get ordained, but you also have to destroy the Temple of Orcus in the bowels of the dungeon in order to keep it!"

Unfortunately, no one wants to play a Paladin in my campaign...which makes me a sad panda...

Are you seeing this in text?  A search for the word justicar comes up with only 3 entries, one in level 6 and two in the description of Muir.  Ordain only has one and that in a history section.  The section on the monolith just tells you how to take care of it.  I'm just trying to make sure I didn't miss something.

Level 3, Area 4 has the pertinent information; admittedly, it's not much to go on, but it's there to make what use of it as you can. Its page 119 of the PF version.

Whenever we get around to making a book about Tircople, we'll probably include more details on ordaining Justicars and such. Until then, the information about Abysthor and Flail are pretty much it as for as canonical means introduced so far (there is a vague hint that could imply another one at the end of "Pit of Despair" in Quests of Doom/L1: Demons and Devils, but it is nothing specific and may not be helpful to you).


Is there any plans in progress to do something in Isle of Pontos?

Under the Swords and Wizardry rules, if a paladin were to be ordained as a Justicar, what new abilities and (presumably) restrictions would they likely receive? (I'm asking in general terms; I realize there aren't any rules for this in S&W.)