Quests of Doom 2(5e): Where's the player's map?

Page 15, area 40 of the Spire of Iron and Crystal reads: "A player map of level 2 is included". Maybe I'm blind but I can't find a player's map. Is it available somewhere?


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I hadn't noticed that. Let me find out and I'll respond back ASAP. 


The player maps were an unfortunate oversight as they were never commissioned. However, as a fantasy map dabbler, I have been making these when I get reqyusts. I have one I can send you that just hides the keyed locations and labels. I can get that to you. if you email me via zach

If it is for a VTT and you need the secret doors and such taken out, I can likely do that as well, it will just take me longer,

Zach, Frog God Games


Hmmm... 'Ive been wondering where that map was as well. Since the maps haven't been commissioned for the original S&W version. then for the PF version, and by God not for the 5e version either, would it be too much to ask that the Frogs see to it that the proper maps get posted for download on the site asap?