The Crooked Nail

I’ve not sure how interesting or useful a long-winded account of a playing session would be to anyone running or considering purchasing this adventure and to be frank I’m not particularly interested in writing one either but I want to share two bullet points from my experience running The Crooke Nail.

Murder Hobos beware: The players had to roll more death saves in this module than all their other campaigns combined. I don’t want it to sound like this is excessively hard or a meat grinder. If your PCs play intelligently, carefully and realize that there’s more than one solution to most problems they should be OK. My PCs very much enjoyed that their decisions had potentially deadly consequences. The more (perceived) risk, the greater the reward and since of accomplishment.

Level up on the fly. If they hadn’t leveled as they explored they would not have survived. The module is meant for 4-6 PCs of level 1 and by the end if you’re not level 3 you’ll struggle to avoid a TPK. I plan to run Horror in the Sinks next so this worked out perfectly.

The players had a great time and I did too. Probably the most fun that I’ve had preparing and DMing an adventure.

Has anyone else had a chance to start this series?

Glad you and your players enjoyed Crooked Nail :)


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We're planning on waiting for the big book, before diving in.

At the point where we ended our Rappan Athuk, we voted on the next campaign and 'The Blight' was easily the top choice.  No 2., was Rise of the Drow only marginally ahead of an Abysthor/Slumbering Tsar.  At present, we're early level 8 in RotD.  One of my players wants to try being a DM, so has a short campaign (a level up per session, with 2-3 levels for a hard quest at 20th) which he'll run after RotD, which will give me a few months to read and prepare 'The Blight'.

We're all looking forward to it.

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Can't wait to start The Blight myself. Although, I've just started running The Slumbering Tsar with my players so we've got a long while to wait. From what I have seen all of the adventures for Blight are top notch though.

Is the Crooked Nail, Bloody Jack, etc the AP from the main book or are these independent of the AP in the book?

These adventures are independent of the AP and each other. They do progress from low to high level. I actually prefer them over rhe main book AP.

Agree completely. And they flow from one to the next very well too and are easy to connect.