Fighter Parrying Ability

There is an issue with the Fighter Parrying Ability table in the new 3rd printing.  The description states that a Dexterity score of 14 or greater can parry (same as previous printing), but the table starts at a score of 15 (unlike the previous printing).  I'm just bringing this up since it should probably be fixed at some point.  

Nope the table is correct but the description text along with previous printing is incorrect.

The correct score is 15 and greater with bonus from -1 to -4 (or alternatively improve the fighter's AC from -1[+1] to -4[+4]). It was changed to agree with 0e Greyhawk.

So you're saying that the 3rd printing breaks from both previous printings, so it can be more inline with legacy, and thereby breaking continuity with itself.  Understood.  I'll just keep my table the way it was then.  Thanks. 

It does becasue it was mistake to begin with due to misreading of the original content. The original idea was to agree with the orginal intent from Greyhawk. Yeah, it is your game to change or keep as you wish but the previous printings were incorrect (or not within the scope of your personal game).

Just wanted to confirm if there were any other changes which were made to agree with greyhawk. I've noticed the strength, intelligence, & charisma tables are slightly different as well.


Yes, these slight changes to specific ranges were made to agree with 0e LBBs (Charisma) and Greyhawk (Strength and Intelligence) .