The Northlands Saga Complete Poster Map Question

Meant to ask this during the map sale. Is there just a pdf version of the map, or were physical copies ever circulated and I have to wait for one to come up for sale at some online venue?

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Originally there was going to be a phisical map you could buy.  However, due to a miscommunication with the printer, this idea was dropped.


So yes, ther PDF is the only version currently avalible.  Hopefully phisical maps will be printed at some point in the future.

Good to know thanks Chaotic_Blues

We are thinking about more concentration on Maps, especiallly for digital maps but with the focus comes possibilities. I have looked into Print on Demand options as well.

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Let me point Zach over here. We were just talking about maps - physical, ready for VTT, and PDF. 

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more maps would be very nice. Print on demand would be especially nice as it seems like drive thru rpg shipping is lower than the shipping direct from the frogs